Shadow Magic

Level 1

Cloak: 5'r max, 10 min per level.
One's shadow rises up as a dark cloak allowing no discernable feature to be seen. It masks the gender, race, ecoutrements, and so on, fro visual and simple magical detects.
Shadowblade: see general magic spell.
Basic Shadowing: 45', Targeted, 1 day per level.
Allows a person or object to cast a shadow visible to the mage, even after it passes. The mage must remain within 1500' per level. Teleporting or other temporal or spatial displacement severs the Shadowing.
Darksight: Range of sight, 10 min +1 per level.
Allows the caster to see in anything from normal to complete darkness. It also shows the presense of magical lighting and 20% + 5% per level chance of discerning lesser illusions.
Darkness: as general magic spell.
Hidden Charm: 15', min + 1 mt per level.
Given darkness in a region (1/4 surrounding), those within will be invisible for as long as they remain immobile, that is taking no action that requires movement. More than one being may be hidden with this spell, but it requires 1 spell point per individual.
Darkloth: 15', 5' (+ 2' per level) square feet, mt + mt per 2 levels.
A plane of magical shadow cloth will form and overlay the object desired. It has a dousing effect on natural flame 3 dice + 1 die per 2 levels, and a disorienting effect to all sensory dependent beings (no sensory information passes through.) Any form of magical dispel will remove the darkloth from a being wrapped in it.
Deepening Gloom: 60', up to 30' radius ball per level, 5 mt + 3 mt per additional spell point used. Must be placed.
Allows contiguous shadow, (even extending past the original 60' range), to be turned into a Darkness spell. Shadow must be 1/8 surrounding light. (Level 2 version, Impenetrable Doom, has the effect of Dhemon Dark, the general magic spell.)
Bewilderment: 60', targeted, d3 mt + 1 per two levels.
Shadows flicker over the victim as the mage plays with the light harplike with his fingers. The victim must save or become completely confused. The mage must continue to work the spell the entire duration, but the victim is unable to function.
Sharplight: 60', 5 min per level.
This creates a point source of light that will form deep (1/10 ambient) shadows behind objects, (1/8 ambient) in torchlight, (1/4 ambient) in full moonlight, (1/2 ambient) in dusk or dawn lighting, none under any daylight. Must be placed.

Level Two:

Shadow Lapsing: 45', targeted, min + mt per level over.
Invisibility as per the general magical spell, except that one's shadow doesn't disappear and in deep shadow (1/10th surrounding) actions do not cause 'reappearance.'
Darkness Clutching: 75', targeted, mt per level.
The victim must save or be gripped with fear, incapable of anything save defensive actions or fleeing. Animals or beings without a will of their own are paralyzed for the duration. Victim must be in some shadow, even 1/2 surrounding.
As Tenderfall, general magical spell.
Camouflage: 45', multiple targets: 1 per level, hour + 10 min per level over.
Each target may be up to 5 cubic feet + 1 per level over. This spell only remains active as long as the recipients remain in the same type of terrain, as in woods, dunes, etc. They will be undiscernable visually at 360', -50% chance of sighting to 120', -20% to 60'. As a 5'th level spell, this camouflages against magical sight and detections as well.
Shades of Were: 15', targeted, 1 minute casting time.
Detects (50% + 5% per level over) whether a particular thing occured within 10 min + 1 min per level over +1 min per additional spell point used. The mage asks something such as "Did this door open?" "Has anyone touched this stone?" "Was something here that is no longer?" Caster then will get the answer to the question and see with (1-100% + 3% per level over) clarity the unfolding of events.
Mind Tableau: 30', targeted, mt per level.
The tartget's thoughts will become a source of 'light.' the mage will think its 'shadows.' If the target speaks, the mage will understand. If the target decides it must save or the mage will know the decision. Mage gets +4 defense vs. the target. If the target saves, the only effect is +2 defense.
Soft as a Shadow Falling: 15', targeted, 5 min + 3 mt per level over. Those affected will make no sound, nor leave any trace on what they touch. (35% + 3% per level over) traps will not be activated by the recipient's passage or presense.
Groping in the Dark: 240', 20' radius ball of effect, min + mt per level.
The mage may have a tactile 'feel' of all within the region, which must be in shadow (1/4 ambient light). This region may be moved at 20' per turn. Note: tactile impressions reveal invisible objects and basic illusions, but they conduct electricity and heat. A level 4 version allows the caster to exert physical pressure on the area as well, as much as the caster is capable of physically.
Gloaming a Reminiscence: 15', targeted, hour per level or day per level if accepted willingly, requires 5 min to cast.
The target will either forget or have clouded and distorted particular memories. The caster must know what memories to erase, but need not know them first hand. A fifth level version of this spell removes the memory permenantly, unless the effect is later dispelled. An eighth level version destroys it completely.

Level Three:

Cable Stillits: 45' + 5' per level over, targeted, 10 min per level, 5 minutes casting time.
This creates block, tackle, netting over objects, line, ramps, etc. within the region. It will attatch to one object and allow one basic operational movement per 3 levels (such as loading bearing across a chasm, etc.) They must be "programmed" at the time of casting, and may operate only within the range above. They move things up to 10 lbs. per level squared, at 5'/mt max.
Shadow Bindings: 240', targeted, 5 mt + 1 per level over.
In shadow (1/8 ambient light) the victim (up to 10 cubic feet + 1 per level over) is covered in a shell of shadow. Pure force keeps the victim immobile, save to 1/2 the duration. Break out chance is 5% at strength = 17, +3% per strength over. Roll once, and then roll at what mt of the spell's duration the victim is released.
Overcasting: 75', 5' radius per 3 levels, min per level.
Deep (1/10th ambient) shadow forms where placed in the spell's range.
Covering Cast: hour per level, or until used up.
The mage and whatever is in physical contact (up to 2x his or her size) becomes covered in a haze. It stops 1.5 hit points per level of energy effects of a general sort. It also may be keyed to one particular sort of energy, (such as stone magic,) in which case 6 points per level are stopped. Once these points have been stopped, the spell expires.
Coils of the Shadow Serpent: 75' + 5' per level, targeted, 5 mt + 1 mt per level.
The mage makes a black shadow tendril which wraps the victim (up to twice the mage's size), incapacitating him or her (and the mage's occupied hand). The victim may be dragged 240'-(victim's wt/25 lbs) per mt. Escape is as for Shadow Bindings(20), above.
Deadly Shadow Cast: 1 spell point per cast, 60', 1 minute casting time.
The next strike(s) with a given weapon will be effective even along the weapon's shadow This depends on the surrounding lighting, of course. This will affect any attack, so it requires great skill so as not to snag the weapon inadvertantly. No saving throw allowed. Even when this is discovered, defense against it is -3 at best, unless the defender is a trained martial artist, etc.
Curtains of Night: 240', Wall square feet: 30 + 10 per level + 10 per additional spell point used, min per level.
A dark wall forms which is opaque and has a 25% chance of not allowing magical effects to pass through. (+5% per level of mage over level of magical effect, -3% per level under it.)
Pools of Shade: 5 spell points, 45', 5' diameter + 1' per level over, mt per level.
A pool of shadow forms (not necessarily on the ground), which is a maximum of 1' deep per level. Those within are invisible and "out of the way" of radius and cone effects, save dragon fire.
Ephemera: 5 spell points, targeted, 15', 1 mt + mt per 3 levels.
The mage while in shadow (1/8 ambient light) becomes noncorporeal: able to affect nothing physically and invulnerable to nonmagical physical matter. Normal movement is allowed through contiguous shadow, through gaps of any size.
Lowering Pall: 75', cone 1' radius per 5' out, d6 mt per 3 levels.
Those objects struck are covered with a shroud of abysmal gray. This causes them to become "detatched," having 25% less effect on the world, weight, damage done, movement speed, strength, etc. Save to 1/4 duration.
Closure Insidious: 60', 5' radius, mt per level. Must be placed.
A shadow is cast on this region and the thoughts of those within are cloaked from their bodies and senses. They are "in darkness," their actions may only be performed by pure force of will. Physical actions may be undertaken only if one's body is so well known that it may be manipulated by the will: such as martial artists, shape changers, spiritual beings such as demons and angels.
Shadow Form: 15', 3 cubic feet per level, min per level.
A physical object (immobile) is created with any shape, color, texture, smell, etc. It may be imbued with qualities which will detect as alive, capable of strong magical effects, evil, as a given person or object, etc. It is as strong as water, however.

Level Four:

Gray of the Twilit Same: 10', targeted, hour per level, 5 min casting time.
The recipients of this effect exude a social-shadow, causing onlookers to see them as "normal," fitting into the scene as common folk (as close to their build and racial/garment characteristics as possible). It is noticed by mages (80% +5% per level over, -5% per level under) and anyone with psychic abilities (30% +/- 3% per level difference), or anyone 5% per intelligence point over 14.
Blackline Tripwire:15', 6 hours + 1 hour per level over, 3 min casting time.
For each additional spell point, 50% more is created. The mage forges shadow which stays in space where it was formed, 5' + 2' per level of caster maximum. The strand or strands will stick to objects which come into contact with it, doing d8 crush per 5' of length, -1 point per die for armor, and -2 points per die for extreme armor. Once activated it lasts d5mt. It holds immobile beings up to the mages size, whether they are physical or intangible (such as ghosts, etc.)
One way darkness:
As per hargy spell.
The Guardian Dark: 3' radius per level, 3 hours + 1 hour per level over. Spell points: 6 + 1 per additional hour.
The caster "tames" an available region of darkness (1/8 ambient light). The caster becomes invisible within, +4 AC, silent and +2 protected. A seventh level version of this spell will allow 1 additional recipient in the region per 2 levels of caster.
The Shadow of an Act: 15', Delay of a day + hour per level over maximum.
An action may be performed "in shadow," such as the throwing of a dagger, the pressing of a lever, etc. Then, at a specified time, the action actually occurs. A trigger event may be specified, such as "when this room is entered..." It functions only 75% +3% per level over. If it fails, the act never occurs.
The Sense Laid Bare: 45', Gaze, min per level.
The form of an object or entity is seen without its coverings, ie. bare. That elimitates illusions (50% +5% per level over, -3% per level of illusion effect), and basic shadow forms. Also cosmetics and disguises are detected (not seen through) 60% + 3% per level over.
Dark Companion: 1000' +100' per levle over , targeted, 10 min + 1 min per level over, 3 min casting time.
Mage collapses an his or her consciousness/soul enters another (souled) individual's shadow. The mage may see and hear from this vantage, as though hovering between the shadow and the caster of the shadow. Undead beings may sense the presnese. If the "host" dies, so does the mage. The mage may cast spells (d3 + 1 per 3 levels) from the shadow before the spell is broken. If prevented from returning for a full day, the soul is destroyed. Bright light, silver and magic energy intervening stops return. Gates and teleports cancel the spell.
Passing the Veil Opaque: 240', self, instantaneous.
Allows the mage to slip anywhere, within the range, inside a contiguous (at least 1/8 ambient light) shadow. This is a teleport, although failure cannot occur by transposing the mage's matter with that of a solid object. It may, however allow the mage to materialize in a space too small for his or her size ( as in between two pillars only two inches apart). The appearance must be placed.
Elementry Sympathetic Magic:
This ritual allows a physical object to be enchanted (it must be nonliving and nonmagic to begin with.) A portion of it is required. The ritual requires specific knowledge of an individual technique. Examples of techniques are Lifting, Shattering, Fixing in Place, Dragging in a Particular Direction, Melting, Pulling Together Broken Pieces, etc. All regard physical actions which will be made to occur on the object in question. The maximum range is 1000' + 100' per level, spell point cost is variable (depends on what is undertaken), and the ritual takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a week. What occurs is that 10x (+1x per level of mage) the work done to the object in effeigee is done to the object in reality. Effigiees last 1 week per level usually. Large and potent magics, involving moving or sorting tons of stuff, for example, may last mere seconds. This requires careful timing. Maximum work done is hard to define, but say it is 100 foot pounds per level squared, or d6 damage per level, up to 5x that for very short duration effects (see above). Individual techniques must be learned and studied as individual spells. The basic technique requires study as a new branch of magic.
The Imparted Haze: 75', 15' radius + 3' per level over, mt per level.
All within are disoriented, and must save or be confused and incapable of any movement or actions (save defending themselves). Vision and all ranged sense abilties function at only 20% out of the haze.
Deresolution: 45', targeted, mt + mt per 3 levels over.
A specific enchanted object, individual or region (up to 1'r. per level) is placed in a state between the real and unreal, neutralizing the magic effect (50% + 5% per level over, -6% per level under). This will effect ALL the magical effects upon the target. Permanent effects resume after the duration. Temporary effects will only resume 25% + 5% per level over the shadow mage's of the effect.

Level Five:

Shadow Ports:
As per Passing the Veil Opaque, but with the range of a Teleport spell (see general magic) and between disconnected shadows. The placement roll is used with a base chance of 9% per level, as opposed to the normal 5%.
Shimmering Echoes of Before: 60'+ 10' per level, 30' radius of effect, 1 min casting time, min per level of effect, must be placed.
The past may be reenacted in silhouettes from up to 10 minutes before per level. The details are blurred, only 50% + 3% per level over may be made out. Note: demonic energies are summoned back by this spell!
Shadow Fencing: touch, targeted, min + mt per level over.
The recipient may fight either physically or with his shadow, as with Deadly Shadow Cast, above. The diffence here is that the victim's shadow may be attacked, doing full damage, which reduces the victim's defense by 5. The Shadow Fencer also has a +3 defense, as he or she may parry and block the opponent's shadow as well as the opponent itself. Proper lighting is required.
Roving Shadow: self, 5 min + min per level over + min per spell point additional, 1 min casting time.
This spell requires 8 spell points. The mage's shadow detatches and may wander with his senses and spell casting abilities. It may only move in shadow (1/4 ambient light minimum) at the mage's own walking speed. If trapped away from its body, when the spell points run out, the mage will die.
Shutters of Darkness Bound: 120', 30 square foot wall + 10 square feet per level over + 5 square feet per spell point additional, mt per 2 levels + mt per 2 spell points additional.
A shadow (1/4 ambient light) froms a wall of force, as per general magic spell, with the additional feature that it stops all data (sounds, smells, magical detects, radio signals, etc.) from crossing it, or entering regions enclosed by it. The mage may make it any shape desired.
Condemned to the Evernight: 75', 5' radius, hr per level.
Those within (must be a shadow of atleast 1/2 ambient light), must save or become blind for the duration. A save indicates blindness for 1 mt per 2 levels of caster. A ninth level version creates permanent blindness, save to the minutes as mts above.
Taming the Nuance: Touch, targeted, min + mt per level over.
The victim, whose shadow must be touched either physically or by the mage's shadow, is paralyzed. With 100% concentration and maintaining the contact specified, the mage may manipulate the victim to speak, act or move. The victim will perform convincingly, but cannot be made to use his or her talents (to fight, etc.) Otherwise this spell merely induces a magic state of inability (immunity to paralysis is only 50% effective).
Shadowsight: 360', self, mt per level.
All within range, in 360°, may be seen, if they are in shadow of atleast 1/2 ambient light. This spell sees through all lesser illusions and invisibility, detects beings that are "in phase" or otherwise dimensionally displaced, and mystical presenses of those observing from afar (as through a crystal ball). It will detect those cloaked by higher level magical effects than the caster's level 35% - 3% per level over.
Retracing Broken Lines: 5' or less, touch or self, minute per level.
The target object, being or the mage himself or herself regenerates 5% per minute. This spell only takes place in deep shadow (1/10'th ambient), and requires 100% concentration. Any interruption of either will discontinue the effect.
Murk: 30', ball: 1 cubic foot per level + 1 cubic foot per spell point additional, 10 min per.
A Murk is formed out of a person or object's shadow. It looks and feels like the object, but has no life force, will or intellect. The mage may move it either by 100% concentration or by a simple "program" as for a golem. It cannot stray out of the 30' range.
Phase Self:
As per general magic spells.
Shadow Attack:
Forms available by level of caster Ball and Cone(under 10th), Wall (12th), Cube (13th), Dome (14th), One Way Wall (16th), Storm (18th). For definition of these formats, see general magic. Shadow dissolves spiritual substance by destroying the link between the real and unreal, substance and that which is beyond the world. It thus damages immaterial beings, angels, undead, demons, elementals and illusiary beings of all sorts. Material beings, even if they are highly magical, may pass, as long as they are entirely material, not existing partially on another plane. Walls of shadow have the additional character of stopping various types of magical attack: attacks from other planes (such as negative material light), elemental plane effects, emissions from portals to the nether realms, etc. Breaches (see Archomantic Wizardry) cannot occur within an area surrounded by Shadow.

Level Six:

As per Basic Shadowing (Level One), but it has no range limitations and is not severed when the targeted shadow goes through a spatial or dimensional portal. The position only becomes known when the caster is in the same dimension as the target. A ninth level version of this spell allows the caster to go into a trance for d20 minutes and determine which other realm the target has gone to if the target has gone through a gate.
Dissolution: 75', targeted, mt per two levels +mt per 2 spell points expended.
The target dissolves into a body of shadow (1/8 ambient light), save allowed if the target is unwilling. Light in the region negates the effect. The target is protected 100% versus physical damage, cannot act, and has "Shadow Sight" (see above). The victim is vulnerable to undead and magical attacks. Move 120'/turn in contiguous shadow.
Vague as the Shadow's Caress: 30', 1 target per two levels + 1 target per 2 spell points additional, 5 min per level on self, 3 min per level on multiple targets.
All affected can only be seen directly: they make no reflections nor may they be seen remotely by crystal balls, telescopes, etc. Also, detections of all sorts and trap triggers function at -3% per level, up to the mage's level in power.
Banish Shadows: 240', Cone: 1' radius per 4' distant from caster, instantaneous effect.
A cone of NULL CONTRAST (absense of shadow) causes all shadows within to be destroyed for an instant. Note, this disrupts any shadow magic spells and effects, and destroys any shadow-substance creations. It works 60% + 3% per level over other shadow effects, -6% per level under. Normal shadows reform one minute after this spell.
Swimming in the Sea of Light: 15', targeted, 5 min + min per 3 levels.
Those effected may glide through darkness or contiguous shadow (1/8 ambient light) at will at 200'/turn +20' per level over. This requires no effort and makes no sound. Light cancels the effect, and if arial at that time, those suspended will fall.
Surface Play: 15', targeted, hour +10 min per level over, 3 min casting time.
The shadows and light on nearby surfaces may be played with so that visuall all within 15' appears as the caster wills. It has two additional effects: 1) old or lost physical attributes may be brought back for the duration, 2) undead, etc. perceive only lifeforce in the region, as depicted by the caster's design.
The Curtains on the Corridors of Dusk: 75', 2 Walls: 100 square feet + 10 square feet per level over, + 10 square feet per 2 spell points additional, mt per level.
Opaque curtains form hallways, in parallel lines. Those within are trapped in an "abyss." They fall "in place" and are unable to move in any way save to fall, using natural or magical means, unless the corridor is dispelled. If however the corridor is entered from one side, where the corridor ends, the individual will exit the other end instantly. (This is not a teleportation effect.) The corridor must be atleast 5' high and 5' wide. The path it takes may be drawn out, not exceding the maximum surface for the walls. From the side, the curtains are "Shutters of Darkness Bound", of only 1/4 strength. If they are broken through, the effect will occur to any who cross within. If the victims save, they are deposited at one or the other ends of the corridor.
Scattering: 75', targeted, instantaneous.
The victim's shadow scatters and fades and with it, his life force. The effect is death. The victim must be alive, in sufficient light to cast a 1/4 ambient light shadow, and in full sight of the caster. Save to no effect.
Margin of Truth: 45', Ball: 5' radius + 1' radius per level over, min + mt per level over + min per 3 spell points additional.
A shadow falls over the radius effected. The edge of this shadow permits nothing unreal to pass: this includes all illusory beings, or disembodied thoughts, suggestions or memories, and all psychic force. It works up to 50% + 10% per level over - 5% per level under the opposing magical or psychic force. It can be used either to shield against or trap illusions or psychic entities.
Betweening: 60', 1 target per 3 levels, min + mt per 3 levels.
Those effected are in a sense between space and time, between what is and might be. Thus, they have a +50% resistance to space and time magic, and a +25% magic resistance overall. If transported against their will, they have a 66% chance (+/-5% per level difference between level of caster and level of effect resisted) of returning. A drawback: demonic magic is +25% effective and -35% resistable to individuals in this state.
Enigmata: 15' or less, targeted, day + hour per level, 5 minute casting time.
The object or individual enchanted loses its recognizability to others. If a person, no one will know him or her. If an object, even those who have long owned and used it will not be familiar with it. Detection that pierces lesser illusions will see through this effect.
Silhouette: 15', targeted, min + mt per level over + mt per 2 spell points additional.
The recipient of this spell appears two dimensional from all directions, a featureless gray outline. Effects: Move as though 'out of Phase' (see general magical spell). Take 3/4 from both magical and physical attacks. A Silhouette may only affect other things physically or spiritually when motionless, ie. back 'in Phase.'
Trecherous Escort: 75', targeted, min + 3 mt per level over, casting time 5 mt.
The victim's shadow will betray him, if he or she does not save. It will do so in the following ways: 1). It will leer when the victim lies. 2) it will indicate, by pointing, what the victim refuses to. 3) It will prevent the victim from escaping by binding him, a truly inescapable phenomenon. Save to no effect.
The Talons Tenebrous: 120', 1 target + 1 per 3 levels over, mt + mt per 6 levels over - if no shadow immediately available, but the victim approaches one within 1 min per level of caster the Talons will emerge then.
Blackest arms reach toward opponent(s) from any available region of shadow (1/8 ambient light). These do rending damage with hideous claws (d10 damage per 3 levels of caster) with +1 attack skill per 2 levels of caster. They attack their chosen victim once per mt. Saves at -3 halve the shadow/rending damage.

Level Seven:

Fade Into Black: 5' or less, self, min per level.
The mage merges with his or her shadow, becoming 100% immune to physical attacks and natural forces (cold, fire, electricity, etc. not of a magical origin). This does not protect against magic. Saves -4 vs. undead or demonic drains. No physical actions possible, and any crack may be slipped through. Movement speed normal over any surface.
Shadow Portal: 10', Wall: 5 square feet + 3 square feet per spell point additional, mt per 3 levels, or minute per 3 levels (see the following), d6 mt casting time.
This spell opens a portal to the Shadow Realm. The spell requires a region of deepest shadow (1/10th ambient light minimum), or a prepared "frame." The latter method of casting allows for a longer duration. These portals connect (up to 400' per level squared) and the mage may activate any number of prepared frames simultaneously within this range. (Each requires 3 spell points.) Risks: Shadow monsters may emerge. If the shadow realm is entered without a connecting portal through which to leave, there is little chance of escape. See the notes on these problems at the end of the spell list.
Shadow Beast: 75', mt per level + mt per 2 spell points additional. Casting time: 5 min, delay: hour per level.
From a deep shadow as above a particular known shadow monster may be called and released, bound for a task. These beasts are known for their one capability and what must be done to supplicate them. The Shadow Assasin above is a specific example.
Solid Gloom: 180', Ball: 15' radius + 3' per level, min + mt per level over.
The region of shadow (1/8 ambient light) becomes as solid as granite, allowing no movement and suffocating those within. It also traps beings that are out of phase and on the etherial plane.
Shadow Prison: 45', targeted, 5 min + min per level over + min per 3 spell points addtional, cast 5 mt.
The victim's shadow raises up and forms the barrs of a prison, if save is not made. This prison allows no physical or spiritual egress or effects to leave it. All forces which attack the prison do 1-100% damage to the victim as well. If he or she is immune to the form of damage, so is the cage. It can sustain any amount of physical force, and up to 20 points of magical energy per caster level. Maximum size is 25 cubic feet + 3 cubic feet per level over + 1 cubic foot per spell point addtional. A tenth level version has a permanent duration and will kill the individual if dispelled. The only escape from that more potent cage would be a very sophisticated controlling of the Shadow Prison spell itself.
The Purloining Twixter: 240' + 10' per level over, 1' radius per level, min per level. Requires 7 spell points + 1 per 'choice.'
This allows shadowy fingers to reach through the dark or shadow (1/8 ambient light minimum) into regions not completely sealed off. Any gap suffices. From there, an object (1 lb. per level + 1 lb per spell point additional), may be lifted into a shadowy state. It will become two dimensional and slip back to the caster or wherever the caster moves it within range, at up to 5' per mt. Any change in lighting negates the spell. A 'choice' includes a change in direction, a decision of what to steal, etc. Technically, the mage touches the object in question, but nothing else along the way.
Behind and Beyond: self, 5 min + 3 mt per. Requires 10 spell points.
The mage falls into his shadow, leaving a dark stain in it's shape and may reemerge at any point until the duration ends. This stain is the remains of a portal to the shadow realm, where the mage now is. From there, the mage may peer out with Shadow Sight, but that is all. The mage may not be effected by any force in the realm that he left. If his the stain is attacked, though, by prismatics, spatial, temporal or shadow magic, it can be destroyed, requiring 5 points of force total per level of caster. If this occurs, the caster is trapped in the Shadow Realm. (See notes that follow).
Sinister Reflection: 75', targeted, mt per level. Requires 9 spell points.
The target must save or have his or her shadow bound in place. This makes it impossible to plane shift, teleport, etc. Also, if the mage touches this shadow with his or her own, the victim is at -5 saves versus all of his/her magical effects. Finally, the mage may physically attack the shadow and harm the victim.
Shadow of a Doubt: 90', 1 target per 3 levels, 10 min + min per level over.
The victims must save or have their thoughts converge on a certain matter (the mage's choice: loyalty to a party, decision to flee, etc.) and cease to doubt. They will act for the duration as thought they believed and had decided the opposite of their normal convictions. The effect may be negated if the effected people can be brought by others to carefully reason out their choices.
Dark Formation: 15', 1 target per 2 levels + 1 target per spell point additional, 10 mins + min per level of caster.
The targets appear as dark silhouettes, they move silently, are Camouflaged, have +3 defense in any shadow and may move as Ephemera (once per 6 levels of caster. For the effects of Camouflage and Ephemera, see the preceding spells.

Level Eight:

The Gaze Unbound: 100' per level squared, single shadow to shadow contact once found, min per 3 levels.
The mage may look from any shadow by staring into any other (both must be atleast 1/8). It takes %ile mt to find the location of unfamiliar shadows, but only d10 mt when the location is exactly known. From not so difficult cases, the GM will adjust the die roll. During that time random images flash by. This spell is useful while within the Shadow Realm.
Coveting the Abyss: self, min + mt per level.
Transform in all respects to a Shade (a greater undead type). 21 - level = % chance that this effect is permanent, three times that chance if it occurs, that the Shade will be mindless. (A Shade is immune to all physical attacks, takes damage only from Light magic, Darkness magic, demonic effects, psychic and emotional attacks and illusions. As undead they have various severe limitations when it comes to holy ground and priestly effects. They move through any gap, and may Shadow Port at will. They do negative material disruption damage, but all other capacities they have on the world of substance is through magic. Lastly, they recuperate their mystic energies only by the presense of the Shadow Realm or places of great mystical Shadow.) For further notes on Shades, see my description of Undead types.
Biosympathetic Magic:
This ritual, similar to the fourth level Sympathetic Magic, allows an object in effigee to effect the object in reality. Unlike the lower level version, this effects living beings. Force may be applied as described previously, but far more subtle possibilities are available. For one thing, living material may be mixed with special materials in shadow, to produce scale models of limbs, etc. These may be reshaped (a polymorph) or shaped back into proper alignment (healing), or the individual may be given new limbs such as wings (shape change), or the limb may be forced to do the caster's bidding (possession). These are ascendingly difficult, requiring more time, better resources (materials, biosamples of the victim or recipient), and closer proximity to the target. Effects last min per level to mt per 3 levels, depending on how ambitious they are. Individual techniques must be studied, mastered and prepared for. The game master must adjudicate this type of magic.
Gates of Nowhere: 30', Wall: 20 square feet, + 4 square feet per level over, mt + 1 per spell point additional.
In full (1/16th ambient light) shadow or a prepared frame (very expensive, time consuming and difficult to construct), a portal to the Shadow Realm is opened. It is one way; IN. Still, shadow monsters may escape. See the notes which follow the spell list. Leaving the shadow realm may not be done with this spell unless cast from the realm of the real into a shadow where those in the Shadow Realm wait to leave. This presents problems, as described later.
Querelous Ally: Self, min + mt per level over.
The mage's shadow may be forced to detatch and act on its own (See the notes which follow on Detatched Shadows). Note: Shadows do not want to leave, and will whisper arguments to the mage. While it is gone, the caster is incapable of any magical activity and is -5 resistance to magic. In effect a shadow will only do a person's bidding if it is in both their interests. Shadows want: the pursuit of creative and irrational actions even for their own sake, activity, the Shadow Realm. They really do not care if the person's ends are satisfied or if the person is at risk. They are in many senses "chaotic" and will oppose any action which is pursued for purely abstract and formal reasons, not motivated by any impulse or desire. While stillness is not as stimulating as shadowplay, it presents no grave problem, and when an individual ceases to exist the shadow rejoins the undifferentiated mass of All Shadows, not a thing they dread at all. Shadows are whimsical and fickle, they may decide to return with the deed undone, although they will do something. If the Detatched Shadow is destroyed, the mage becomes a Shade, 15 times (21 - level of caster) = % chance of being mindless. Once this spell is cast even a single time, the caster's shadow may always whisper to him and try to influence him. If the caster is ever drained of lifeforce or will power sufficiently to be susceptible to suggestion, their shadow will take over and begin to influence their personality, potentially permanently. Thus, this spell opens the way for insanity or at the least for mental and spiritual instability in the future.
By the Dark Abducted: 250' per level, targeted, 3 min + mt per level + mt per spell point additional.
The victim must save or fall into his or her own shadow. This shadow may then be forced to move (save again) at the caster's bidding. If not, this shadow is the victim's Detatched Shadow (see notes.) At the spell's end, the victim emerges. The victim is completely disembodied and only aware of events afterwards.
Fade Weal: Self, min + 3 mt per level.
The mage's wounds fade at the rate of 1 per mt in shadow (any). All wounds of any type regenerate.
The Limbus of Mind and Body: 100', 1 target per 4 levels, min + 3 mt per level + mt per spell point additional.
Each target is formed into a single thought/space with the others, where none of their bodies are at home to them, yet all may be controlled by any member of the union. That is, a telepathic rapport is established allowing the members to act through any of the bodies involved. Saves against mental spells and targeted effects, etc. are +1 per member. Anyone in the system may "actively resist" magic for any of the others. If one of the individual die while the spell continues, each of the others must save. If they all do, the connection continues. If not, it ceases and those who fail are cast into the shadow realm. This must be practiced, and all members be familiar with the effect or it will simply not take hold.
The Gauze of Darkness Lit: 75', Wall: 5 square feet per level, 5 min + 3 mt per level over.
A clothlike pane of flickerings is conjured. It can be moved at 30' per turn with 100% concentration. All substance in its path must save or be swept into its strobing black/gray/white surface, leaving a dark stain there. It can hold only one living being per 5 levels of caster. Demons and angels are not effected. Mystics who are captured this way have a 7% chance per level of regaining their bearings (in d6 mt) and gaining visual perceptions out of the Gauze. They may then cast spells, etc. from within the Gauze. Everything returns to its original position when the duration ends.

Level Nine:

See illusionist spell. The caster must be in the victim's shadow.
Thenwhen Circle: mt per 3 levels.
The mage's shadow lifts, forming a spiraling vortex, about 3' around him or her. This protects 50% against all time and space magic, all elemental magic 25% and all enchanted weapons 25% (both physical and magical effects). These protections not only present a chance that the effects will be resisted; if that roll fails, the damage or effect is reduced by the stated percentage. The spell puts the caster between then and until, out of synch with now.
Liquid Shadow: 45', Wall: 10' cube + 3' per level over, permanent duration.
This allows shadows to be poured out, made by the contrasting medium of a wall or dome of perfect light stopping. Behind it or within the dome is perfect 100% shadow, perfect for casting spells, reducing shadow magic spell point cost by 10% and adding +2 competency and protection to the mage.
Echoed Names Through Caverns Black: targeted, mt per level.
In shadows, if the caster's name may is uttered, the caster will know who said it and where. This is automatic by knowing the spell. Once the caster hears his or her name, listening may continue for as long as desired. This spell allows the mage to speak back, through the shadow of the one originally heard. This spell has no range limit.
Pathfinding in the Mense Oblique: Self.
This is more a skill than a spell. It allows navigation through the Shadow Realm. This is required to (a). resolve the chaos of representation, (b). find particular shadows in space and time, located abutting the world from which the realm was entered. The ability is 75% +5% per level over to resolve the chaos, 60% + 8% per level over to find particular shadows. Only three attempts at either may be made. Any number of others may accompany the mage.
Shadow Assassin: 250' per level, minute + mt per 5 spell points additional. Casting time: 10 minutes.
From a designated shadow (must be fully deep, 1/10th ambient light), a shrouded one emerges bound to fulfill a task. This will be a shadow being, opaquely dark in appearance, silent and capable of Ephemeral movement (See "Ephemera" above). It may rend with talons of sharpness, and is fast, cunning and has superlative senses. The "shadow" must be supplicated by their designated victim's death or it will come for the mage. They desire time withing the shadow realm, or to replace the mage's shadow with themselves, for a time. There is a chance they will force the mage to bargain to obtain their services: 25% - 3% per level over.
Shadow Step:
as Shadow Port but allows for a range of 10' per level cubed. This spell does not have the unlimited range of a Shadow Portal, but it has the advantage of requiring no preparation.
Eclipsing: 90', targeted, min + mt per level over.
A source of magical energy is eclipsed by a patina of dancing shadows (from the shadow realm). This effectively cuts off its capacity to manifest the particular force it put forth at the time of the casting of this spell. The spell functions 70% - 10% per level of the caster under the level of the magic being eclipsed, +5% per level over. This may be cast on devices, spell casters, runes, etc.
Force Majeure: self.
The mage may draw power directly from the shadow realm (adding a 9 spell point cost and a one mt casting time.) This will allow th mage to recast a spell that was unsuccessful the first time, and gives it a further 20% chance of success. However: the draw of the shadow realm may be too strong and after the spell is cast (25% - level) is the chance the mage will fall through his or her own shadow into the Shadow Realm. The shadow then fades.

Level Ten:

Spirit Thief: 10' per level squared, targeted, min per level.
The victim's name is needed and a dark ritual, 1 hour casting time, must be undertaken. It requires various elaborate materials, quite time consuming to prepare (1 to 3 days - 1 hour per level). The victim's shadow is stolen, and it will cross the distance to the caster at 400' per turn, as long as it can. (See Detatched Shadows notes.) Once called into the shadow panesl the mage constructed, it may be imprisoned, bound, etc. With it goes a connection to the victim's mind, body, soul, etc. If the victim is a spell caster, they will be unable to perform any magic until the shadow is recovered.
Hymn of the Shrouded Self: self, min per level + mt per spell point additional.
The mage merges with his shadow as a Fade into Black spell, except that the mage becomes a Shrouded One, capable of Shadow Fencing, Whispering (being heard by those in shadow) and Shadow Porting at 1/4 range once per minute. This potent spell may only be used once per three sleep cycles.
Nebulous as the Shadows Passing:
As Vague as a Shadow's Caress above, but in addition, this makes the recipient invisible to all psychic magic and remote technological detection. In darkness, nothing at all may be seen of the recipient, even with Improved Truesight, and so forth.
Gates Beyond Where:
as Gates of Nowhere but allows a gate to be formed out of the Shadow Realm at a specified place and time. A Shadow Portal (see the spell) must exist there, already prepared and safe at the specified time of egress. It opens (85% + 1% per 3 levels). Navigation to the place where the gate will open is still required (see Pathfinding in the Mense Oblique, above).
Dominate Shade: 120', 1 target per 3 levels, hour + min per level + min per spell point additional.
All Shades in the region (an undead type) may be completely domintated or banished to the Shadow Realm, etc. These may save versus this effect.
Shutters: 75', Wall: 20 square feet per level, 10 min + min per level.
Out of a shadow of any size, of any deepness, a wall of flickering shadow may emerge. It alters the relationship between the two sides so that it functions as an antimagic field (50% + or - 10% per level difference between the caster and the effect in question). It allows no teleportations or temporal shifts through it. Shadow magic may pass it unhindered.

Level Eleven:

Betweening: self, mt per 4 levels.
The mage may, upon a teleport, timeport, etc., cast his or her detatched shadow instead. Only the shadow goes initially, and may, if it desires, return. Or if the caster desires, it may join the shadow where ever or when ever it is.
Shadow Nemesis: 75', targeted, min, delay: 5 min per level.
The shadow of the victim is enchanted (if the victim fails to save), so as to rise up as a Shade of equal capacity/ possessions/ knowledge, and so forth. It will attack the victim ruthlessly, for if it wins, the Shade is freed. This may only be done once ever to each individual.
Shades of Gray: All within a given shadow, 13 hours max.
An entire group or even army is invisible while in shadow, and Camouflaged while not. They are indetectable by magic (it must overpower the casting mage's level, or dispel the effect first). Once, everyone may be carried by the mage via a Shadow Port, to a shadow of great enough size to accomodate the group.
Panes of Syncritization:
As Pathfinding in the Mense Oblique, but it allows the mage to navigate between planes that are adjacent. It also, if 1/3 the required roll is made, allows the caster to locate waiting or potential Shadow Panes from which to emerge (although these may be sometime in the future of when the mage wishes. The lower, hence better, the roll, the closer to the desired target the exit juncture will be found.)

Notes on Shadow Magic:

As a variety of magic, Shadow is a potent form. It allows extreme removal from physical and magical forces at even a low level of expertise. For the most part, this type of magic orients toward offensive and defensive effects, but it also allows for the promiscuous tampering with ordinary laws, such as those of time and space. This is because shadows are between all other forces and dualities. They are the contrasts between light and dark, order and chaos, reason and madness. Shadows are cast by all actions in all places, and because of that, shadow forces are connected to all that occurs, anywhere.

Despite the extreme potency of Shadow magic over other forms, it is also quite limited in at least one aspect. It requires the presense of shadows, that is, shadows cast by real light sources blocked by interposing objects. This poses an immediate tactical consideration for practitioners of this form of magic, but moreso, a sever limitation. Nonmagic lighting alone is often sufficent to disrupt even high level shadow magics, and to prevent their execution. What I describe as fractions of ambient light serve to define shadow conditions (the fractions are not quatitatively accurate, they are mere indicators). (1/2) would be the shadow of a man on a cloudy day, or under someone in a setting with many light sources. (1/4) the shadow of a person on a sunny day, or indoors where there is only one light source but many reflective surfaces diffusing light onto it. (1/8) would be deep shadows, as beneath trees in sunlight, or behind objects indoors, where there are non reflective walls, etc., and only one sharp light source. (1/10) is absolute contrast where a single light source shines and no indirect lighting at all shines onto the shadow. This hardly ever occurs in nature. (1/16) is a seldom procurable shadow except with special magical materials, where no light enters, even by refraction around materials which cast it (some light bends around obstructions, normally). Obviously, shadows are incompatible with "even lighting," but not so obvious, they are not to be found in darkness. A shadow can exist only when contrast is formed between light and dark. Thus the mouth of a cave would be in shadow, but the depths of it would merely be in darkness. Where obstructions are permanent and light never penetrates (such as underground), there is merely darkness. Where light is obstructed (its rays are impeded not stopped), there is shadow.

Shadow magic is on the border of light and dark in the moral sense as well. It taints the practitioners with a lack of respect for laws and diminishes sense of duty. The tendency is toward independence and aloofness. It is, of course, a short step toward the darker arts such as the forces of Darkness. Shadow magic also corrupts stability, in politics and societies, because it is capable of piercing defenses so easily. Its use by spies, assassins and thieves is so disruptive that many societies consider this form of magic to be as dangerous and abominable as such arts as Necromancy.

Unlike Illusions which cannot effect the real, shadows effect all things. In fact they shape the real by altering its boundaries. But illusionists and shadow mages are alike in their access to the mental and also their personal bent toward insanity and delusion.

DETATCHED SHADOWS: These move at the pace of the being whose shadow they are, except in shadows where they move twice to sixteen times as quickly (see the fractions listed previously). They are immune as described above under Fade into Black. They perceive only visually. Being two dimensional, they may squeeze thourh any crack, as long as it is wide enough to fit the shadow.

THE SHADOW REALM: It is a nonplace outside of time, whose substance is the collected shadow of all shadows cast in all places, ever. Normally, one goes mad immediately upon entering this chaos. (Physical beings are in the paradoxical situation of suddenly having their shadows be the substantial part of themselves, their bodies are cast as from it insubstantially. But with a guide, the gray flickering realm becomes three dimensional-seeming, with features of all places and all times in a big jumble. At the core of the Shadow Realm is a great city, but I mustn't write of it. The peripheries of the city are mazes of ravines and rutted landscapes, whose shimmering surfaces depict wildly changing scenes. These are connected directly to the actual shadows cast in different realms. There is no egress. All inhabitants are lost shadows desiring their caster, so they are wily, vicious and self centered. The shadow power of the Shadow Realm is a lavish enticement for shadows to come here, but once they have played at freedom, they yearn once more for their forever lost natural captivity.

The only way to return to the characters' own world is to find a place where, for an instant, a shadow of it will flicker by. That shadow may be of any place, at any point in the world's history. It turns out that only those points which have shadow portals already existing and already opened on the side of the character's world can provide egress. The time of escape will always be at the time of entry to the Shadow Realm or later. The traveller there may emerge centuries after entering, or the same instant, but never earlier. For more information, see the discussion of various dimensions in the chapter on general magic.

SHADOW MONSTERS: Lightless silhouettes of all manner of horror, agglomerations of lost shadow spirits. They have many immunities and are typically fast, ephemeral and attack both psychically and physically. Worst of all, they steal the substance of victims for a short time (from minutes to hours depending on the power of the Beast), so they may wear their bodies, which strands the shadows of their victims. As described under Shadow Beast, above, each Shadow Monster is unique - they have one special capability and thing which will supplicate their need and send them back to the Shadow Realm. They can only exist outside of any shadow for a brief time, unless they are wearing another's substance.