Rubble and Sand Magic -
The magic of dilapidation and collapse.

Level One:

Crush: range: 60', targeted, duration: 1 mt.
The target, 1 cubic feet per level, pulls itself apart, doing % damage to stone, 1/2 that to soft metal, and fully pulverising wood, cloth, etc. Living targets take d6 per two levels, save to half damage.
Immobility: range: touch, targeted or self, duration: 5 mt + mt per level over.
The recipeint will retain his balance unless toppled by magical means. Also, +2 agility,10% impact (physical force) resistance (roll to see if it is shrugged off each time), and 20% resistance versus kinetic force magic.
Resist Impact: range: 5', targeted, duration: min + mt per 2 levels over.
Target takes half impact damage to 20 points (+3 per level over), with this threshold becoming half as high each strik until it is less than 4 points, when it negates.
Shudder: range: 75', targeted, duration: d3 mt + 1 mt per 3 levels.
The victim shakes violently, decreasing agility and movement by half, and defense to 1/4 unless his or her adjusted AGL*5% can be rolled. Victim has a +33% chance to fall (violently) down. Requires 2 spell points for beings twice the caster's scale, etc.
Fragmentation: range: 75', Ball: 5' + 1' per 2 levels. The effect is instantaneous.
One cubic foot of earth or stone explodes. It must be placed upon. It will explode doing 3d8 to any on the point of explosion, 2d8 within half the radius, and d8 to the full radius. Armor is half again more effective. Add +d8 damage per 3 levels of caster.
Disfigurement: range: 60', targeted, duration: hour + 5 min per level over + 5 min per spell point additional.
The surface of an object (up to 10 square feet + 1 per spell point additional) becomes rutted, folded and mangled in appearance. Functionally it remains the same, but its surface is formally destroyed (as if ground to bits). Does d6 + 1 damage, but ruins the usefulness of garments, tools, inscriptions, scrolls, instrumentation panels, etc. After the duration, objects pull back together if the parts have remained within 10' of each other.
Dune Drifting: range: 1 mile per level, self, duration: 5 min + 1 min per level over.
A direction sense which focusses on the route already taken (within range) 100%, as long as there is contiguous solid matter between. The caster may also sense the location of a known object or landmark. Roll 45% + 3% per level over, -5% if the object is not owned, -10% if never touched, -20% if never within the spell's range of the object or landmark before. One roll per object(ive) per day.
Sand Call: range: 15', Ball: 5' cube per level. Duration: Permanent.
Calls sand which will drift out from the mage's gesture in a 5 min ritual.
Zone of Caniption: range: 60' + 10' per level over, Ball: 10' + 3' per level, duration: mt + mt per level over.
Roll INT*5 to realize that all within are -4 DEX, AGL, attack and defense, save to 1/2 effect and automatic recognition. Limbs shake and motions are wobbly.

Level Two:

Corrosion: range: 75', Ball: 5' r. + 1' per two levels over, duration: 1 mt per level.
The object affected must be fit entirely within the ball of effect. Its surface becomes fused and bent, which dulls edges to bluntness, seals doors, makes armor immobile, and destroys mechanical equipment.
Maiming: range: 30', targeted, duration: d4 mt per level of caster, 3 mt casting time.
The victim must save or suffer d10 abbrasion damage which will temporarily enflame and leave all the victim's skin bloated and ravaged. He or she becomes unrecognizable and hideous. The effect is so painful the victim must roll CON*5 or pass out, and less than half that or they will be -4 in all respects.
Resist Change: range: 5' radius, duration: min + mt per level.
Energy within the region is 10% less potent, and that much less likely to manifest. The protection is 2x as much for the mage, and 3x as much if a particular form of magic is being resisted (a cone of acid, for example). This gives an addition to magic resistance and if failed, it reduces damage somewhat.
Reduction as Distenuation: range: 60', targeted, duration: mt per level.
The "victim" reduces in height by 25% per level + 25% per additional spell point expended. Each 100% halves the victim's size to a maximum of 500% or 1/32 normal size. Each 100% shrunk reduces scale by one, damage done by 25% and movement by 50%. Normal saving throw if resisted.
Stone Crushing: range: 45', Ball: 1' r per 2 levels, duration: permanent.
It can be shaped into a 1 cubic foot effect (in any shape) if cast as a 2 min ritual. Stone up to granite's hardness becomes powder. Harder materials are less powdered (see Hardness table).
Pillar Calling: range: 75', Wall: 10 cubic feet + 5 cubic feet per level over.
For stone ground, the results are permanent, otherwise d4 mt per level. Choose the radius of the top and determine the height with this formula: h = volume / 3.14 x (radius squared). The pillar rises in one mt. If not cast under the mage's feet, it must be placed.
Collapse Stone: range: 75', Ball: 5' dia + 1' per level over.
Stone in this region becomes rubble. It will allow corridors to be filled with rubble or stone ceilings to be dropped. Those below take 3d6 crush + d6 per 10' dropped over the first 10, and they will be buried. (Not explosive, more like large rocks pouring down).
Shifting Sands: range: 60', Ball: 3' r. per level, duration: mt per level.
Allows the caster to perform the shaping of sand. Sand may be formed into waves, spouts, pits, etc. The maximum amout of violent force which can be applied is d8 per 2 levels. Beings up to human scale per 9'r may be pushed over by a wave, (must roll AGL*3 to remain standing). A victim may be Sandtrapped, sucked down 3' per level of caster if a save is failed. Casting time is 3 mt.
Fling Opponent: range: 60', targeted, duration: 1 mt.
The victim is flung by a convulsion of earth, 30' (+ 5' per level over) away, and half that distance upward. A save indicates only d3' per level. The landing is "soft" but the victim must roll AGL*2 or fall and be held down by spongy earth for d6 mt. Roll AGL*6 if the save is made.

Level Three:

Shockwave: range: 60', Wall: 30 square feet + 5 square feet per level, duration: mt.
This surface pulses violently. All on it take d3 crush per 3 levels of caster and must roll AGL*2 or fall for d4 mt. The mage may make a "path" which carries him along effortlessly in 1 mt, while effecting others who are on it as described. The mage starts on one side and ends on the other, without suffering crush damage.
Pit: range: 45', Solid: 10 foot cube + 1 foot each side of the cube per level, duration: 5 min + 5 mt per level over.
Dirt, mud, rock or dust becomes a thin powder, forming a pit (of desired shape). This occurs instantly, allowing deadfalls, or the path of a cone effect to be cleared, and so on. Sacrificing 1/2 the duration gives a "false ground" to the topmost layer which will disintigrate on contact bearing any weight. After the duration is over, all within is pushed up to the surfacd and all is as it was. Must be placed.
Pulverize: range: 75', targeted.
This is a single target crush spell, doing d6 per level of caster, or half that if the victim saves.
Halt Object: range: 120', targeted, duration: mt per level.
An object, up to 50 lbs per level, is pulled to the earth and held there, unable to move for the duration. The fall does no damage but occurs in the first second which follows. A save indicates no effect. Arial beings will plummet, a cloud will become a puddle, arrows or cannonballs will be effected also.
Curtains: range: 45', Wall: 5' square per level, duration: 5 mt per level.
Swarms of dust and grit thrash violently in a shaped (as desired) magical wall that sections off one region from another mystically. Cones, bolts and other magical emenations will cross the curtains only if the rubble mage fails to roll 35% + 5% per level over the level of the crossing magic, -7% per level under. This can stop dragon breath, eye beams, wands of lightning bolts, but not balls or radius effects. Crossing physically does d8 laceration.
Malfunction: range: 75', 1 target + 1 per two levels, duration: 10 min + min per level over.
A target within the range, or multiple targets of the same type, may be jammed by corrosive and bonding sand magic for the duration. It works on any mechanical device 70% +2% per level over. Wagons, crossbows and siege equipment are likely targets even in a setting without any technological devices. Complex devices, such as aircraft, jam only 5% per level, though they will jam in some respect.
Expand (Grow): range: 45', targeted, duration: min + mt per level.
Any nonliving object of a nonmagical nature up to 1 cubic foot per level, may be caused to expand 1x per level of caster. Nonmagic living beings expand 1x + 1x per two levels over. Each multiple increases the beings strength by +4 up to 19, then +2 per multiple. It also increases the scale of the being, (See combat system).
Pathcutting: range: 360', Wall: 100' long + 10' per level, 1' wide per level, duration: min + mt per level over.
A path as described forms a safe and solid throughfare on any solid surface's ground (ie. lowest plane), over mud, briars, broken glass, etc. This path will brush aside all obstacles, such as webs, vines or low hanging rubble. It has no effect on magic or sentient materials, and will not operate on inclines of greater than 30ˇ + 1ˇ per level, but it can 'zig zag' up cliffs. A 6th level version "Greater PathCutting" will create a null magical passage cutting through magical walls or over magical traps safely, (roll 50% +/- 10% per level difference between mage's level and the cut across magic's level.
Lava Splatter: range: 60', targeted, duration: permanent effects.
1 cubic foot of lava per 3 levels forms from the earth at the mage's feet and is flung out in a ball as a +5 to hit missile, with no range bonuses. It does d10, d6, d3 and 1 point of heat (per 3 levels) over successive melŽe turns, of magical heat. After that, it solidifies instantly into clay. If it misses the target, then it will splash, doing 1/3 damage to all within 1' per level. Save vs. magic halves the heat damage.
Sand Blast: range: 45', cone: 15' terminating diameter, duration: 1 second.
This does d8 per two levels of 'sand magic' damage. This is a corrosion which effects all objects by breaking down their coherence as substance. It requires a distinct immunity (ie. vs. sand magic). Save to half damage.
Dancing Disks: range: 15', multiple targets: one per three levels, duration: 5mt + mt per level over.
A 5' diameter disk, 3" thick, separates from the earth under the recipients feet. It may skim over the ground at 90' per turn or jump up to 15' + 3' per level over, half that in height. The rider cannot fall off and may direct the movement by shifting their weight. They can go up an incline up to 60ˇ + 3ˇ per level. If the mage concentrates 100%, he or she may direct any one of the disks within a 200' range.

Level Four:

Repulsion Field: range: 60', Ball: between 10' and 60', duration: minute + mt perlevel.
All beings not within 10' of the caster when the spell is cast, but are still within range of the spell (ie. further than 10' and closer than 60') move outward, in a direct line away from the caster. The speed is 30' per turn + 30' per turn each mt they remain within the repulsion field. Thus, to remain within the field, you must run faster and faster to stay in the same place.
Earthvomit: range: 75', Ball: 5' r. +1' per level over, duration: 1 mt.
Earth explodes open, spewing out magic lava within the radius. The effect must be placed. Point blank, d4 feet hit each target, within half range, d2 cubic feet, within half to full range, one cubic foot. See Lava Splatter above for results. 5 cubic feet per level total.
Broken Land: range: 75', Wall: 5' square per level, duration: permanent.
Stone, dirt, roots, etc. heave upwards into a ridge 6" wide per level, as desired. This requires stone or earth ground. The effects require a placement roll and 1 minute to plan. If the spell is casted hastily, or the placement roll fails, the ridge rises randomly within the radius: a real mess!
Rupture: range: 60', targeted, duration: permenant.
This causes an object to burst apart, magically spewing its contents within a 5'r. Living beings take d10 per 3 levels of rupture damage (physical) and are stunned for d6 mt. (Save to 1/2 for both of those effects). 1-100% of the victim's belongings and garments are strewn in a 15' radius. Nonliving objects up to 3 cubic feet per level just rupture 50% + d10% per 3 levels.
Fissure: range: 15', Wall: 10' square + 5' square per two levels, duration: mt per level.
This is a magic hole, such that magic cast through it falls within and has no effect. It is invisible except to magic detection and so on. All enchantment upon a target accessible only through the area of the wall, requiring a line of sight (such as beams, gaze attacks, bolts, rays, etc.) will fall into the fissure. It fills up 15% per level of magic that is absorbed, but can take an initial 10% per levle of caster before starting to 'fill up'. The fissure is invisible at first, but begins to look like a seething region of magical force as it becomes saturated. Roll to see if it vanishes after it is hit by hostile magic that causes the % chance to climb over 0%.
Increased Density: range: 5', targeted, duration: min + mt per level over.
The recipient gains the following for the spell's duration: +1 class of armor, +1 strength per 3 levels, x2 scale, and +20% mass per level.
Crumbling: range: 45', Ball: 1' per level, duration: permanent.
This casues a radius effect, or solid magical effect (such as a wall or web) to crumble partially, losing part of its solid structure. Roll 74% + 6% per level over, -10% per level under the caster, of the effect. If successful, the region specified by the ball effect of the spell will lose its magical effects. This spell must be placed.
Tremor: range: 75', Wall: 10' square per level of caster, duration: 5 mt + mt per level over.
The ground shakes so violently that all on it must roll AGL as % to stay up, and take d3 pts impact per mt if fallen. Structures must roll 25% +8% per 2 levels of architect, -3% per level of caster, to remain standing.
Sand Immunity: range: 240', targeted, duration: 10 min per level.
The recipient is immune to 'sand damage' during the duration. Also: see through sand as through water.
Pathways in the Sand: range: Gaze, self, duration: instant.
A five minute ritual allows the mage to observe the connecting directions between places - specifically, the route to a place known of, or the route's most often taken through a region, or the rout taken by a specific being known to have passed by the place of casting (within 1 day per level). Roll 70% + 1% per level.
Lost in the Ruins: range: 240', duration: instant.
The mage may determine the most intact region in rubble after a five minute meditation. Objects of interest become discernable - choose one category, such as architectural features, jewelry, weapons, carvings/writings, traces of scavengers or passers-by, etc. It works 50% + 3% per level, and may be used multiple times for different things, each time seeing more and more of the basic structure of the ruins.

Level Five:

Body Sculpting: range: touch, targeted, duration: hour + 10 min per level.
The recipient's body becomes maliable to the caster. Save to no effect if resisted. The caster may then reshape, recolor, create new texture, hair, etc. during this 10 minute ritual. The quality of the work will depend upon the mage's artistic ability if a form they haven't studied is attempted. Normally a mage has a particular individual in mind when he or she sets to work. If quite experienced, the mage may make anyone look like the member of another race. Study takes 3d6 days per particular form (ie. of one precise person or thing, etc.)
Flesh to Stone: range: 75', targeted, duration: permanent.
The spell is reversable (Stone to Flesh), but only on beings which have been turned first from living to unliving material. The spell does not kill, but puts living matter into an unliving form. Dispel magic of any level reverses this effect, save to no effect. Works on beings up to twice the mage's size.
Tunneling: range: 100', Ball: 10 foot cube per level, duration: hour per level.
The stated quantity of stone, shaped as desired becomes dust (settled) a few inches deep for the duration. The ritual takes 5 minutes, and is gradual in its effect (no sudden openings appear). It fills in as does the level three spell "Pit."
Rift: range: 60', Wall: 10 foot square + 1 foot square per level over, duration: 3 mt + 1 per level over.
A 'deep' magically dimensioned hole appears in the shape desired in any solid object. This has no substance within it, so objects falling into it continue uninterrupted, "out of phase" with respect to everything else. (See PHASE in the general magic section.) Once the duration ends, everything emerges where it would have been with no additional effect. This spell may briefly remove opponents, swallow attacks (such as grenades), temporarily hide objects or people, etc. It must be placed. No save is allowed.
Lava Call: range: 45', Ball: 10' + 1' per level, duration: permanent.
A placed explosion of lava occurs, out of any rocky surface. It does damage as per Lava Splatter (level three), except that it hardens to a rock hard consistency. Roll d50% coverage on each of the peope within the range. Each 10% will reduce DEX, AGL and movement speed by that percentage. The percent chance also indicates blinding, and roll half that percent = chance of suffocation.
Sand Storm: range: 75', Ball: 15' radius, duration: min + mt per level over.
A storm which does 2d8 + d8 per 3 levels of 'sand' damage to all within. (See Sand Blast, level three, for a description of this type of damage.) Blinding chance is 30% per mt within, cumulative, and unless AGL*3 is rolled as a percent, those inside the storm fall for d6 mt due to the whipping currents. It leaves 3 cubic feet per level of sand. The effect allows zero visibility.
Rock to Mud: range: 60', Ball: 10 cubic feet per 3 levels, duration: min per level.
The stated quantity of rock or earth becomes a viscous muddy substance which may be moved at 5' per turn with 100% concentration. When the spell's duration ends, it will revert to rock. This may be used to engulf or encase slower moving or motionless objects, as well as to sculpt rock.
Flagellate: range: 100', targeted, duration: mt per 2 levels.
A victim will shake violently if they do not save. They take d8 per mt, and are incapable of any physical action.
Meld Route: range: 1 mile per level, self, duration: hour per level.
The caster, already in motion toward a particular destination, knows its distance and direction and may sense all intervening terrain features between, and within 100' per level to either side. Notice terrain hazards 40% + 5% per level over, as well as ambushes or dangerous indigenous beings.
Encase: range: 75', targeted, duration: 5 mt then permanent.
The victim must save or be encased in stone rising from the ground. The victim must be standing upon earth or stone. It covers them in 20% increments. The casing may be broken by a 23 strength at 35% + 25% per str over, decreasing 10% per turn after the first. The mage may also release the spell. The mage's death also negates the effect. The victim will suffocate in 1 mt per CON point after the initial 5 mt are over. An eighth level version will encase one target per 3 levels.
See the General Magic fifth level spell.

Level Six:

Avalanche Cone: range: Cone: 30' by 10' terminating diameter, duration: immediate.
Semi-etherial stones are conjured, doing d8 per two levels of impact to all within the cone (even those who have no corporeal form due to magic). Undead take d10's and demons take d12's due to the extradimensional shockwave. A save halves the damage listed. Immunity to crush or to earth magic protects against this form of damage.
Statufy: range: 75', Ball: 10' r. + 1' r. per two levels, duration: mt per levels.
All within the radius must save or turn to stone briefly, as per Flesh to Stone. The effect must be placed.
As encase, except that the victim sinks into the earth rather than being covered by rising and flowing stone. Strength rolls to escape are half as effective, and the mage's death does not negate the spell. A ninth level spell effects multiple targets, 1 per 3 levels.
Disenchantment: range: 75', targeted, duration: permanent.
This cancels an enchantment upon an object or individual. It does nothing to radius effects or external effects: strength, speed, size alteration, invisibility, paralysis and so on are the normal sort of enchantments to end with this spell. Roll 66% + 6% per level over the magical effect, -8% per level of the caster under the magical effect. Caster must specify precisely which enchantment will be ended.
Unleashed Wreckage: range: 100', Ball: 10' r., duration: mt per 2 levels.
All within the ball is exposed to 2d10 rending (magical force) and tossed in a random direction 4d6 feet away (-d6' per 100 lbs.), probably in pieces. This region moves randomly 3d20' each mt ruining all in its path.
As per level four "Tremor", except that the ground opens up in a randomly positioned trench d10' deep per 3 levels, and all within 5' of its 1' wideness per level must save or fall in and take 2d6 crush damage per mt. Everything moves toward the crevass in the earthquake at d3 mt per turn. All terrain damage remains after the spells duration ends. The effect has a potential radius of 5' per level.
Shatter: range: 90', ball: 1 object or 1 cubic foot per level, duration: instant.
This very powerful spell of destruction allows any one object or region to break apart into crumbs of itself. The object must be solid to begin with, such as a sword, portal or machine. It will not effect living or unliving material. If the object is enchanted, the enchantment must be dispelled before it shatters. Roll 50% + or - 10% per level difference between the caster and the enchantment to be dispelled. The spell will shatter material of any density (see Density and Rare Metals Chart to for an idea of what this means.)
Manipulate Solids: 200', 15' radius, duration: mt per 2 levels.
All solid material in the area of effect (must be placed) becomes gelatinous and capable of motion. The mage may allow it all to sag, passively, or may concentrate 100% and sculpt the material in the area into whatever shape desired. It may not move outside of the radius, nor may any two materials mix. Trees, however, may be stretched into fences, or people into pancakes. A very messy spell when the duration ends if living beings are reshaped. All resisting the effect may save.
Quicksand: 120', 5' r. + 1' per level over, duration: 1 min + mt per level over.
A patch of magical quicksand appears at the position placed by the caster. All who stand upon it or even touch it must save or be dragged down in 1 mt. Once inside, the victim suffers 2d10 sand abbrasion per mt for the duration of the spell. If they are killed, when the spell's duration ends, there is nothing left. Otherwise, they are deposited in a small pile of sand. The quicksand may hold only one victim per 3 levels of caster. The only way out is flight magic or dispelling the effect. While within, roll STR as a % to accomplish any physical action.
Sand Assimilation: range: 3', duration: mt per level.
The mage is surrounded by a spiral of sand floating at waist level, slowly rotating. The spell will take on the character of any attacking magic and thus absorb a portion of its energies. The caster has a +35% magic resistance, and suffers only 50% from area effects, such as cones, balls, walls, etc. of all magical types, +5% per level over the magical effect, -10% per level of caster under it.
Crumble Being: range: 100', targeted, duration: permanent.
This spell is as the level four spell, Crumbling, except that it effects magical constructs and enchanted objects. Those effected will fall apart. See Crumbling for details on rolls and scope of effect.

Level Seven:

Destroy Mystic Foundation: range: 90', 10' r. + 1' r. per level over, duration: min per level.
The mystic foundation of a region allows a nature to be circumvented and magic of a particular form to manifest. If the mystic foundation is destroyed, then a given form of magic will not function there. Thus, if the WATER magic foundation were destroyed, no water magic spells could be cast in the region, not any magical devices operate. Beings who are essentially of that form of magic must save or die. Normally this spell works 60% + 5% per level over. In places of power, of that form of magic, the roll may be anywhere from -5% to -75%, GM will adjudicate. Only one type of magic at a given time. A ninth level version has only a 5' r. effect, but a permanent duration. An eleventh level version effects all forms of magic at once.
Call Volcano: range: 120', duration: 5 min + min per level over, 3 mt casting time.
This spell must be placed and occur on earth or stone. A stone and soil cone juts upward, 3' high per level, and 5' wide. All upon it must roll DEX*2 as a percent or be thrown from their feet and roll down the volcano. The top then explodes, 1 mt after the cone emerges, showering all within 10' per level with stone fragments. At 1/10 range take 3d10, under 1/4 range take 2d10, out to 1/2 take d10, beyond that, take d6. Then, smoke and lava begin to flow out. The smoke has only 10' of visibility and fills a 30' r. per mt. Lava flows out at a rate of 10 cubic feet per mt, and proceeds down one of the volcano faces randomly (roll 1-12 as in a clock for the direction). This does d6 per mt heat per 10% of one's body in contact with it. Finally, globs of lava are flung out randomly. Each target within 100' roll (100 - feet distant from the epicenter) = % chance of being struck by a blob of lava doing d10 impact and 2d10 heat. This spell really makes a terrible mess out of the place where it was cast.
See the General Magic spell.
Evacuate Lifeforce from bodies: range: 75', targeted, duration: permanent.
This spell may be used on any victim up to the mage's level in either life force or antilife force. The victim must save or become petrified and dead, their living or unliving essense evacuated.
Chasm: range: 200', Breach: 3' long per level, 1' across, duration: permanent.
This spell creates a trench, up to the length specified, and to a depth of 20' per level. If it is cast only on a single circle (1' r. per level), the depth will be 50 feet per level. This must be placed and cast onto a solid stone or solid material surface. The hole is permenant. It may be cast upward, etc. as well.
Dune Riding: range: 30', 1 recipient + 1 per 3 levels, + 1 per 5 spell points additional.
The mage must cast this spell while in a desert or a region of large and contiguous sand. The caster and whoever is selected to accompany him or her, rises on a wave of sand, which dashes off across the dunes. The speed that the dune attains is undefined, because the time of travel is instantaneous. The range is 1000' per level, and the experienced speed is 500' per turn. The mage may guide the direction crudely (turn up to 30ˇ per turn).

Level Eight:

Return to Basic Materials: range: 100', targeted, duration: permanent.
Any target must save or become a pile of its elemental constituents. The reverse of this spell, Return from Basic Materials, will reconstitute any being from the heap of dust into which they have been transformed, 100% intact and unaged.
Alienation: range: 100' + 10' per level over, 5'r. + 1'r. per level over, duration: permanent.
All magical links between the enchanted space and an established magical enchantment outside are broken (roll 50% + 10% per level over the caster of the enchantment, -10% per level under.) This spell will not negate enchanted objects, unless they are maintained by the will or concentration of another, or power extrinsic to themselves. Demons that are bound to serve another will be freed from that servitude. Magical conjurations (such as walls of fire) will vanish. Animated objects or lesser necromantic mobilizations will be dispelled. This spell affects all in its radius.
Demolition: range: 10' per level, 3' r. per level, duration: permanent, 3 mt casting time.
This spell can destroy any solid structure as desired. Specific walls or fixtures may be pulverized, a crack may be torn in a ceiling, etc. The effect must be placed and specified at the time that the caster begins to work the spell. It will break through magical defenses or enchanted material with the same chances as described above under Alienation.
Sands of Ubiquity: range: 5', 10 min casting time.
This spell conjures a brief flurry of the Dust of Ages. The caster enters a trance and may analyze any object, place or being and determine its true structure and constitution, the major elements of its history and its purpose (if it has any religious aspect). Roll % clarity of the vision, +1% per level of caster. GM will adjudicate what is relevant, and how much to say.
Seige: range: 80' + 5' per level over, duration: permanent, 5 mt casting time.
A greater spell of breaking down closed portals. This spell will burst any nonmagical barricade up to 100 tons per level of caster (ie. it will not move a mountain, but almost anything short of one.) Against standard magical locks and barriers, it will dispell them (60% +/-6% per level difference between the caster and the protecting magic.) It will also open sealed interdimensional portals or conduits, with the same chance. Finally, if the way has been completely sealed, and no entrance exists, this spell will blast an opening up to 1000 cubic feet per caster level through any material that can be disintegrated, provided the caster indicates precisely where to direct this effect.

Level Nine:

Ruin: range: 100', 30' r. + 10' per level over, duration: permanent, 15 minute casting time.
The area effected becomes as if ruined for d10 years per caster level. That is, everything first falls apart, then the natural forces of decay ensue as though left alone for decades. If the area is protected, the spell will not work, 5% per level of protection. The spell may need to be cast several times if the structure or grounds to be ruined are large, which will mean that the different parts will be in different stages of decay. This will "use up" the duration of long term enchantments as well, as though the years had actually passed.
Sand Self: duration: min per level, 3 mt casting time.
The caster becomes a Samand-Garin. These 'Dune Devils' are spirits of the wastelands, damned destructive beings (sometimes the fate of Rubble mages!) They are HD: 12-16, AC: 2+2, DEX: 10-15, STR: 24, MOV: 70' or through sand at 700' per turn. They hit for d8 per 2HD half impact, half magical sand damage, the sand having a 65% chance of blinding for d10 mt. They strike out 1' per HD. One eye cone per 3 mt (45' by 20') that does 6-60 magical sand abrasion damage and blinds all who fail to save for d8 mt. Once per day, for 4 mt, they may emenate a dust storm in a 20' r. that has the same effects to all within as the eye cone. It may lift and carry all within the storm, and those carried do not realize it, (even through sand...) Immune to cold, lightning, flash, paralysis, disintegration, sonics, fear, charm, life drain, physical hacking and impact, webs pass through with no effect, regenerates at 4 per mt. Fire does double and eventually turns them into glass. 21% - 1% per level the effect will be permanent, and the caster will forget his or her identity in INT days. No spell casting is possible in this form.
Antibasis: range: 120', 30' r., duration: permanent, 1 hour casting time.
An extreme form of destruction, this ritual wipes a region clear of magical energies and sources of life. It will never support any form of life, though living beings can pass through. Within the area spell casting is -3% per level of caster, and if it was a place of magical power, that is gone 5% per level of caster -10% per intensity of magic involved (1 to 10, where 10 is the most potent sort of magical energy possible. 5 would be the sort which allows the creation of magical constructs like golems, 7 the spontanious conjuration of demons). If this spell fails, the mage slips into a spiritual shock for d20 hours (no magical activity) and will regain the spell points used only after d20 days.
The Desert Everywhere:
This spell functions as Dune Riding, except that once the effect begins (which must be on atleast 100' of sand), the caster and accompaniment may traverse any solid material, even through it. Some care must be taken not to emerge inside a solid object (see notes on failed Teleportation in General Magic Spells). This will occur if the mage goes through a solid when the duration ends. As long as the group speeds over solid ground (or even fluid), no problem will result.

Level Ten:

Abyss: range: 100', Breach: 3' long per level, 1' across, duration: min per level.
An abyss is a nondimensional hole, a drop forever out of phase. Those who fall within are lost, and will fall forever. When the Abyss closes, they do not reemerge. The only way to find them again would be to travel out of phase from that particular location and use some very powerful "locating" spells.
Expand Desert: 1 month casting time.
The front of a desert may be caused to encroach further, along an area specified by the mage, up to a quarter mile square per level of caster. The effect is permanent. The mage must stay in the desert in question in order to cast the spell. Then, during the final day, when the sands creep over the surface of the land, he or she must be present in the region to be effected.
Collapse Law: range: 150', 25' radius, duration: 2 min, 3 mt casting time.
This spell will cause a region to be unable to support a given type of magic, which must be specified at the time that the spell casting is begun. It will negate all effects of that type already there, and prevent any new effects from entering. A magician of that type of magic must save or go into spiritual shock, unable to use their magical powers for d10 mt after leaving the zone. A save indicates the Collapse Spell law fails, and has no subsequent effects. The caster must roll 5% per level -3% per level of magic already existing in the area for the spell to take effect. Each level of effect attempting to manifest during the spell's duration has a 3% chance per level of doing so.
Terra Malform: range: 240', 50' r. + 10' r. per 5 additional spell points, duration: permanent, 5 minute casting time.
The caster may specify the characteristics of a landscape within the range of the spell. Materials may transform to any other, the shape of the land and so forth are infinitely maleable. No ultra dense materials may be created (such as adamantine or crystals). Any metallic subtance will be unstable outside of the region, decaying to mud within 1 day per level of caster. Finally, no organic material or alchemically active material may be created. Beyond that, anything is possible.

Level Eleven:

Nihilate: range: 100' per level, duration: permanent. 1 day casting time.
The victim must save or have all their works (physical, spiritual or magical) destroyed. Even those works that are indirect reproductions (such as printed matter) must save if protected vs. negation. Nonmagical works are simply pulverized. The spell points used on this spell are unrecoverable.

Level Twelve:

Wasteland: duration: permanent, d12 month casting time.
This spell stretches out across a total of one mile square per level of caster. If follows areas that have been developed by intelligent beings, fertile valleys, works such as bridges and roads. It causes all these to decay and collapse, unless protected by a magic of great power. The spell takes effect immediately after the casting is over. The mage must remain in the area during the entire casting time. During the last 10% of it portents of the coming disaster begin to manifest. It works 100% -5% per level of defense over 1/2 the caster's own level.
© Erik Guttman, 1996