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Fantasy Gaming Rules Supplement

These are fantasy gaming rules intended to supplement the Arduin Grimoire game system. They should be adaptable without too much difficulty to other fantasy game rules systems. They essentially add an element of variety, lack of predictability and increased control on the part of the magic using player. Please refer to the Magic rules below first before reading further in the specialty magic to better understand the terminology.

Basic Magical Rules

Introduction To Lemurian Magic
Religious Magic

General and Specialty Magic

Darkness Specialty Magic
General Magic Spells
Illusionist Specialty Magic
Necromancy Specialty Magic
Sand and Rubble Specialty Magic
Shadow Specialty Magic
Light Magic (MS Word Doc)
Demonic Wizardry

Other Material

An Extensive List of Undead
Additional Character Information
Insanity Rules
Skill System
Life Force: New!     Needed to understand Religious Magic and Undead rules.
A Guide to Lemurian Religions.: New!     This includes examples of how to specialize religious magic depending on particular religions and their specific aspects.

Erik Guttman