Illusion Magic

Level One:

1. Basic Imagery: 60' + 5' per level, 5 cubic feet per level,min per level.
This spell creates a visual image which remain motionless until the duration expires or until struck or touched. The three dimensional images are 100% convincing. The image must be placed.
2. Minor Sensing: 100', 5 minutes + 1 min per level over.
This minor form of illusion detection effects only one sense, (sight or hearing, for example). It allows a 60% + or - 5% chance (per level diffence between the illusionist and the illusion in question) of detecting "wrongness", and if the mage rolls half the required number, he or she perceives 1-100% of the true form.
3. Blur: 1' radius, 5mt + 1 per 3 levels.
A visually indistinct aura surrounds the caster. This yields +3 defense, +5 vs. missile weapons and +10 save versus gaze attacks.
4. Ventriloquism: 75' + 15' per level over, 30 mins + 1 per level.
Undetectably throw one's voice anywhere within the range, or the sounds one's motions and so forth make. Or, one may cause strange sounds to emit from particular places. This requires that the sounds be studied beforehand and that the effect be placed.
5. Hypnotism: 5' + 1' per level, 1 minute base, +1 minute per d3mt additional spent in preparation.
The casting time begins at d6mt +3, less one per 2 levels, to a minimum of 2 mt ever. The victim must save or will perform the caster's bidding somnambulistically. The victim may make a "revulsion roll" of ego x 3% if asked to do morally repugnant acts, or x 5% if asked to harm themselves or one very close to them.
6. Distraction: 30' +5' per level, d3mt +1 per level over.
The victim must save or something nearby will grab their attention, roll the direction randomly to determine their fixation. The effect ceases if the victim suffers any damage, or if they roll their ego x 2% (one try per mt).
7. Dazzlement: 10' + 2' per level, 1mt +1mt per 2 levels over.
A burst of scintillating "light/sound/smell/wind" bursts forth from the caster, an all within the range (except the mage) must save or -4 to attack and defense while inside the region. The mage has an additional +4 defense at the center of the energy. A save indicates half effect.
8. Light / Dark: 60', 15' radius, 5mins + 1min per level.
The region fills with either daylight (half intensity sunlight) or normal but inpenetrable darkness. The darkness would allow those with infravision and so on to see normally.
9. Lense of Masking: see the miscellaneous magic level one spell.

Level Two:

1. Multiple Image: 15' + 5' per level over, 1 figure per 2 levels, 5mt + 1mt per level over.
The figures created are Images, and thus vanish upon impact with real objects or beings. They resemble the caster completely and mirror his or her actions. With 100% concentration the caster may cause them each to do something different, for as long as concentration is maintained. One cannot distinguish the mage from the Images at the time of casting or afterwords without special magical senses.
2. Darksight, Dhemon Darkness:
See the miscellaneous magic level two spell.
3. Read Surface Thoughts: 60', targeted, 3 mins + 3mt per level over.
The victim must save or the caster may listen in on his or her thoughts, though only at the surface level. Thus, only the mental banter may be 'heard,' in the victim's original language. No sarcasm or humor, emotion or significance carries over, only the raw ideas in the form of words.
4. Deprive Others of Self: 2mt per level.
The caster becomes on of the following (invisible, silent, odorless, flavorless or insubstantial to touch). These affect only those with minds, not magical automata, machines, traps and so on.
5. Displacement: d3' + 1' per 3 levels over, 1mt per level +1.
The caster's visual aspect exists randomly within the range, meaning that the mage him or herself is invisible. This provides +4 defense +1 per 3 levels over, and a flat chance that all attacks will miss 45% + 25% per 3 levels over.
5. Body Mask: Self, 1hr per level.
The caster's body surface and minor contours alter into any visual aspect desired for the duration. The spell requires a 2 minute ritual. If scrutinized by any being with an intelligence over 12, there is a 1% per intelligence point of noticing that something is wrong. This chance improves 1% per minute. The GM rolls once, secretly for each one who might notice and informs them after enough time has gone by to pierce the illusion. Those who might notice must be paying close attention to the illusionist, or they would never be able to tell.
6. Field of Imagery: 60' + 5' per level, 5'r + 1'r per level over, min per level.
The field may contain a "basic image" which will not dispel when touched, or will be capable of simple programmed movements (writhing tentacles, dancing flames, etc.) It may instead take the form of a tactile, auditory or other sensory illusion. These may be layered one upon the other. Thus, for example, an illusionist could create both a visual and tactile image of a tree, and hide inside it. The tree wouldn't actually have any solidity, but anyone pushing up against it would believe it solid (unless they had some magical means of penetrating illusions.) In that example two Field of Imagery spells would need to be cast, one after the other. If concentrated upon 100% the mage may continually reprogram it, and thus create images impromptu.
7. Discern Enchantment:
As in the miscelaneous magic level one spell.
8. Untracker: 30'r, 2 days per level.
The mage and all within the effect leave no discernible traces as they move. All footprints, scents, and so on, have an illusory null over them. This has no effect on psychic or magical tracking methods. Against these the spell called Greater Untracker, level 4, prevents tracking 80% + or - 10% per level difference between the illusionist and the magical tracker.
9. Basic Mindmask: 10', 6 hours +1 hour per level.
The recipient, which could be the caster, has a psychic defensive shell overlaid on their conscious mind. The mask will contain a version of the recipient's experiences, beliefs, memories and so on which will fool simple ESP or mind reading spells. It works only 75% - 15% per level over with spells of level 3 or higher. Greater Mindmask, a level 5 spell, may only be breached with a dispel magic first or 3% chance per level over the caster of the scanner. Both spells allow prevarication and the filling in of details to the fullest degree of plausibility.

Level Three:

1. Eye of the Enchanter, Frog in Your Throat, Mindtouch, Umgort's Translator:
See the miscellaneous magic level three spell.
2. Basic Apparition: 90' +5' per level, 5'r + 1' per level over, 1min per level.
This field acts as a Field of Imagery except that it can move or it may cause tactile, auditory, olfactory and "heat" manifestations simultaneously. Apparitions do not dispel on contact.
3. The Spell of the Altered Seeming: 30' + 3' per level, 5'r +1' per level, 3 mins per level.
The target's surface alters in one way, it may either look different (as a body mask), smell different, feel differnent (prickly, smooth, cold, etc.), or taste or sound different. The mage decides this of course. Only living beings get a save.
4. Illusory Field: 120', 1mt per 2 levels.
An illusionist's first "damaging" spell. Effects only one target. Save is to half effect with an automatic chance of disbelieving (ego x 3%). One target is enchanted to believe an attack of some kind occurs, either directly upon him or her or within a 5'r + 1'r per level. It does a maximum of half the mage's level in d6 per turn, or the mage's level in dice if all at once, and the duration is forfeit. The mage may choose any of the following possibilities:
   Restrict Mobility:  web, mire, shackles, etc.
   Restrict One Sense: blinding light, mists, cacophany, etc.
   Fool Victim's Perceptions: faked transport to a Netherworld, falling into a pit, an ally is attacking, etc.  
This cannot cancel the impressions of the real scene, it only ADDS more.
   Fool Victim about their State: naked on the battlefield, spewing forth blood from terrible wounds, etc.
   Damaged by a magical force: puncture, fire, etc.  The illusion must learn individual types and practice 
them often.  Truesight doesn't help against this damage, the result affects the victim spiritually not visually.  

Notes on Illusory Forces:
Caster Level    Damage Experience     Will Effect      Healtime/pt.dam
     1 - 3                  preconscious        animals, berserkers     5mt/lev
     4 - 6                  conscious             nonmages/psychics      min/lev
     7 - 9                  unconscious         psychics & mages      5mins/lev
    10-12                 spiritual              magic beings           30mins/lev
      13+                   life essense         all beings           as normal dam

The last catagory is the only one to affect angels and beings of religious or mythic origin.  Spiritual forces 
suffice to harm elementals, demons, undead, etc.  The rest should be clear.
5. Shadarax Battlemask: 90', 5mt + 1mt per level.
The visual aspect of the mage appears anywhere within the range of the spell, while the caster remains invisible. The image will appear to take on wounds when attacked, if the caster concentrates 100% at the time the image gets attacked. If the image gets struck at any other time, the image dissipates. The image will move about and do preprogrammed actions (decided whenever the caster concentrates for a full round upon the image, or upon casting).
6. Shroudis' Mindtrap: self, 1hr per level. 5 minute casting time.
Any telepathic contact, scan, attack, or targetted illusionist spell upon the caster causes the source of this to save versus an illusory "feedback" from a masterful psychic defense. The victim will manufacture the form that this defense will take from their own imagination. If the victim fails his or her save, 1mt per 2 levels of caster Incapacitation results. The experienced source of this varies (agony, stun, ecstacy, sensory overload, paralysis, etc.) Additionally, the psychic attack, or whatever triggered this, fails. The caster knows when the mindtrap activates, and d20% about what caused it to.

Level 4: :

1. Syvvac's Visor:
See the level 4 miscellaneous magic spell.
2. Antazon's Pale of Dischantment: 45' + 5' per level, 2' per level radius, 1mt per level.
The victim must save or become lost within this grey and murky zone. The field cannot be penetrated by sight, except by the caster who sees silhouettes of those figures within only. Which is to say, no one may see through the Pale to the other side. The victim which has been enchanted to believe him or herself lost will require 2d3 +1mt per level over needed to cast to find the outside. Those within, lost or not, have not sense of direction or motion relating to the world 'beyond the Pale.'
3. The Five Offhand Tricks of Forgotten Jevvith: 30' + 3' per level, 1mt per 3 levels.
These covertly cast spells form the legacy of a little known illusionist. Knowledge of these techniques is rare.
i. Slipthrough Tap:
Cast by a minutes worth of seemingly random and orderless tapping, all within the spell's range must save or see the caster continue doing what he or she was doing for the spell's duration. During this time, the caster may flee, etc. invisible. This spell cannot be breached by Truesight, See Illusion, and so on since it effects the victims psychically and not visually.
ii. Confounding Oration:
After a full minute of uninterrupted speech, those within the radius must save vs. confusion or be unable to sustain mystic concentration for the duration (needed to cast new spells or maintain old ones). The confusion also results in a -3 attack and defense.
iii. Eyeriddle:
Cast by eye movements and gestures which must be watched for a full mt, 3mt out of a full minute. The victim must save or "have an idea," a compulsion to do what the illusionist desires. Save at - 4 if the action or suspicion is natural to the circumstances and up to +4 if the action is self threatening.
iv. Distraction Focussing:
An object in plain view which is reflective (such as a wineglass or gem) is played with for 5 minutes, so that all that saw it (even periferally) during that time, must save or be "blinded" by a glint for 1mt, then suffer -3 attack and defense for the remainder of the duration. A save indicates -3 the first round and -1 thereafter.
v. Slowslick Slieght:
This sneaky spell results from playing with an object for a full minute. The change(s) it may undergo (such as being put into the mage's pocket, a button being pressed, a delicate object being shattered, etc.) will not be noticed for the duration of the spell, saves only for those with an intelligence of 15+, and only then if they watch the illusionst closely.
4. Apparition: 120', 5'r + 1'r per level over, 3mins per level.
This may move and so forth as a Basic Apparition, as well as make sounds and have heat, etc. It will not dispell on contact either (thus it has tactile reality, but no ability to inflict damage). Finally, for 1/2 the remaining duration, at any time, the illusionist may concentrate 100% and control the apparition directly, creating anything desired.
5. Basic Illusory Wall: 120' +10' per level over, 5 mins/level.
The wall must be placed. It may appear to be any illusory wall that could be cast by a mage of 2 levels higher (see the miscellaneous magic level 5 spell). The wall may produce d8 Illusory Force damage per 3 levels, save to 1/2. This wall is "solid" (ie. impassible) without magical means to detect or dispel illusion. It does not impede missile weapons, unliving or unsentient things (intelligence or life force = 0). An alternate format allows the wall to appear like other surrounding walls (or the forest, etc.) from one side or both. In this form it has no solidity and any being may cross it.
6. Lesser Illusion: 90' +5' per level over, 5'r + 1'r per level over, 1mt per level.
This region fills with an Illusory Force, but unlike the level 3 spell, it effects all within who fail to save, not merely a single target.
7. Blindness: 240' + 5' per level over, targetted, 1min + 1mt per level over.
The victim has their vision clouded magically for the duration. This may alternately effect any one sense of the victim. A save indicates no effect. A level 7 version, Everlost, has a permanent duration until dispelled.
8. Lesser Dopplegang: 120', min + 1mt per level over.
One victim per 3 caster levels must save or believe that any two beings have switched places. They will have each other's physical appearance, voices, smells, etc. This spell does not have a psychic component, so that niether of the two know how to act like the other, and in fact the effect exists only in the minds of the victims.

Level 5:

1. Emotional Attack: 30' + 3' per level over, 1min per level or 1mt per level if within 1' per level of the target.
The effect must be placed. An overwhelming emotion results, the caster chooses which (despair, rapture, loneliness, shame, frustration...), completely incapacitating the victim(s). A save indicates -4 in all respects and + or - 33% in all reactions (in other words it affects the victim's decisions as well).
2. Hallucination: 120' + 5' per level over, min + mt per level.
An Apparition spell with a twist. Those within the field may not observe anything real unless the caster sets up the spell to allow it. So, an individual within a hallucination might see endless arctic wastes, feel the cold winds, etc. It would however cease if the victim moved outside of the operating range. This effect shuts out all outside stimulus and allows no save.
3. Advanced Apparition: 180' + 5' per level, 1min per level.
This apparition may move beyond its initial (placed) position, anywhere within range. It may take on complex shapes and activities such as a circling dragon, flowing slime, pacing ogre, etc. These actions repeat as the illusionist set them up to (in a finite loop, or simple sequence), unless 100% concentration is used to direct the activity. The Apparition may then approach, speak, and even appear to sustain damage, though it may of course do no damage.
4. Illusory Attack:
As per miscellaneous magic, formatted spells of level 3. Walls may be cast as a level 6 spell, Cubes and Domes and 1 Way Walls as level 7 spells and Storms as level 8. The damage is as per illusory damage, and the formats and types of magic function as per those listed in the miscellaneous magic section. Only the first set of damage types may be cast, for the second (sand, shadow, etc.) involve greater magics which cannot be simulated with illusions.
5. Seth's Mindgauntlet: Self, 10 minutes per hour.
The mage may reinforce the spell by recasting it when the duration nears completion without any lapse in its effectiveness. Anyone who psychicly contacts, attacks or scans the individual protected must save or their consciousness becomes trapped in the caster's psyche, requiring 1min per level of the caster to escape, less 1mt per Will Power of the victim. The mindgauntlet does not dispel upon use and may trap more than one individual at once. The caster may contact those within his mind telepathically if he or she desires, or cast any illusion spells upon the victim(s), for which the save is at -4. The victim's body slumps, apparently mindwiped. He or she finds themself within a psychic labrynth, echoing with whatever thoughts or illusions the Illusionist desires.
6. Illusory Creation: 120', 1mt per level.
The first advanced illusionist spell with independent abilities. The caster conjures an Illusory Field spell with one major difference. The effect acts purposefully. It may: affect only enemies, delay its function for more subtlety, hieghten its effect with sensory accompaniment, attack as a stationary opponent or trap (for a maximum of the damage listed) and seem to take damage as a normal foe (though in fact it remains invulnerable to attacks as it is merely an illusory force.) There is no save, though one may escape from bindings, etc. as though the effect were real, or save to 1/2 damage against illusory forces.
7. Shroudis's Spell of the Stolen Perspective: 30' +3' per level, 1min + 1mt per level.
The victim must save or the caster may see/hear/smell/etc. from the victim's perspective, as things appear to the victim. The illusionist also senses what the victim thinks of or feels about the things seen, heard and so forth, but only the surface impressions (this doesn't "deep scan" the victim's psyche). The victim saves at -4 vs. the illusionist's subsequent enchantments and suffers +20% more damage vs. them. If the victim discovers the illusionist's "presense" in his or her thoughts, the spell terminates.
8. Veil of the Shrouded Image: 60' + 5' per level, 10' square pane per 3 levels, 1 hour per level.
This pane appears (placed) in all respects as thout it had a 3 dimensional extention behind it. It could represent a pit, a hallway, etc. or the actual room or region it rests in, with details added or missing. Whatever passes through the wall appears to continue as it would according to the Veil, (a coin will "fall down" the illusory pit, and make a clunk sound ,for example.)
9. Truesight: 240' + 10' per level over, 5 min + 1mt per level.
All that the caster sees will be without lesser illusions. Those illusions of a power 6 levels or less than the caster's own appear as outlines, up to 3 levels less as outlines. Beyond that, roll 75% + or - 10% (depending on the difference between levels) to determine if the caster may penetrate the illusion. At 3 levels above the caster on, the illusion may be detected as such, but remains a visible object. Variants of this spell allow for truesmell, truefeel, truehear, etc. A level 7 version of this spell, Improved Truesight, combines all senses together, also penetrating Improved Invisibility, etc.
10. Dispel Illusion: 30' +3' per level.
All illusions within range of the caster are dispelled. A single target version has a range of 100' + 5' per level. Dispel chance (60% + or - 10% per level difference between the illusionist and the illusion to be dispelled). Phantasms may be dispelled, but at 1/2 the chance.

Level 6:

1. Greater Illusion: 90' + 5' per level over, 5'r + 1'r per level over, 1mt per level.
This spell differs from Illusory Creation (level 5) in that it may effect any number of victims within the range. It also allows two illusory field effects simultaneously (see the level 3 spell).
2. The Phantastic Death: 180', 1 hour per level.
The victim must save or believe that himself or herself dead. Until the duration ends or the effect gets dispelled, the victim has no psyche at all.
3. Mass Invisibility: 30', 1min per level.
All within the range of the spell from the caster may, if willed by the illusionist, become invisible (or scentless, or silent, or exerting no physical force and thus leaving no footprints).
4. Mehran's Warbler: 10' + 2' per level radius, It works 10% +5% per level, -10% per level of effect over the illusionist's.
The region surrounding the caster warps so as to become indetectible to crystal balls, other magical scrying devices or magical detection spells. Even if the %ile roll fails, details remain impossible to observe (the image in the crystal ball has static, etc.)
5. Daymare: 90' + 10' per level over, targeted, 1mt per 2 levels with up to a 1min per level delay.
The victim's eyes close, as he or she falls into a magic sleep, unless a save is rolled. The victim's senses may then be dictated to by the illusionist. The victim may of course act within this dream, but only upon what has been portrayed. For simple illusions (a void, etc.) the victim becomes helpless. For complicated and interactive daymares, the caster needs 100% concentration. Truesight does not defend against this spell, as it works based on a telepathic not sensory basis.
6. Fiend of the Deluded Fancy: 30' initially.
The illusionist produces illusory monsters which only a single being must save or believe exist. They will perform in all ways as real. Mage must study real monsters upon which to base fiends, of only nonmagical type (such as bears, giant crabs or bats, etc.) They have a max size of twice human x2 per 3 levels over, max AC 4 (+1 per 3 levels over), d8 per 4 levels, possibly split up among multiple attacks. It lives and dies as if real.
7. Legerdemain: 1'r per level, 1min + 1mt per level.
This illusion extends from the illusionist, making all appear as he or she desires within that range. The illusion is completely convincing, with the appropriate sounds and physical effects. It doesn't require complete concentration to maintain or compose effects.
8. Darksome Purloiner of the Inmost Truth: 45' +3' per level over, 1mt per level.
The victim must save or the caster may immediately discover what he or she hides, either by lies, disguise or illusion. If the victim has mindmask protections,
9. Cloakspinner: 10', 1 hour + 10 mins per level.
This spell creates a false self, completely concealing the original persona and psyche. If used against an unwilling recipient, he or she may save. The new persona requires 3d6 weeks to research, and 5 minutes to enchant. During the duration the recipient becomes a total amnesiac, forgetting their prior identity and that this spell was cast. The effect remains 100% consistent to telepathic or other psychic scans.

Level Seven:

1. Mirage: 150' + 10' per level, 10'r + 2' per level, 5mins per level.
The Mirage acts like a Hallucination of a large scale with a few variations. On the outside, it has every appearance of being real, from any range. From within, one must save vs. a delusion or believe in the authenticity of the phenomena even if it may be out of place.
2. Improved Invisibility: Self or 30', 1min per level.
The spell effects one, either the caster or a recipient. This spell works exactly as the level 2 spell invisibility, except that only Improved truesight penetrates it.
3. Shatterglass, The Spell of the Exchanged Visage: 3' per level, 5 mins per level.
This spell exchanges the appearance of the caster and the target, not merely visually but on all levels, unless the victim saves. Their manners, voices, scent, surface thoughts and so on swap. An alternative allows the mage to take the victim's form and give him or her another which has been studied for 2d10 weeks minimum. The victim remains unaware of the change until someone reacts to it. Viewing oneself in a full length mirror negates this spell.
4. Pharagon's Self Vanquisher: 30', targeted, 1 day + 1 day per level of caster. The victim frees the imagination of the victim and creates an antithesis psyche. A fiercely loyal individual becomes treacherous, a brave one cowardly, and so on, for their primary personality traits. In this version the spell lasts minutes not days. Another possibility slowly takes over the victim from the inside, driving them insane. Born out of the darkest recesses of their mind, in 3d6 hours of increasing confusion, the victim which fails to save will permanently become that twisted version of themselves, remembering the prior way and hating how fate forced them to feel otherwise. Only Cure Insanity reverses this effect.
5. Controlled Oversight: 120' + 10' per level over, 1mt max. The victim must save or will misuse whatever device or weapon they would have used during the spell's duration. The illusionist decides what their target will be, etc. The victim remains completely unaware of this, thinking their original intention fulfilled.
6. May Beasts: 30' initially. As Fiends of the Deluded Fancy except (1) they effect all, and not merely one, target. (2) the powers of the spell may be divided into numerous smaller beasts, (their size and damage abilities.) One beast of twice human size equals two of human scale, four at one half, and so on.
7. Lesser Phantasm: 30' initially, 1mt per level.
A being of unreal substance, without a soul, appears. This being must be formed with complete knowldge by the caster (only a handful of Phantasms may be known to any given illusionist). This form takes on a "life" of its own, but in other respects is like a Fiend of the Deluded Fancy. There is a 25% - caster's level that the Phantasm will be free of the caster's control, with an intelligence unknown to the caster instead of determined. The caster, except in these cases, has immediate telepathic contact with the Phantasm, and can immediately command it. These do real damage, not illusory force effects.
8. Redirect Illusory Force: 240'.
Apparitions, Images and Illusions may be siezed, control taken by the caster of this spell. The caster may reform them in 3mt, within the parameters of the original spell. This works 50% of the time + or - 10% per level difference between the caster and the effect in question.

Level Eight:

1. Hex of the Scrupled Truth: 120', targeted, permanent.
The victim msut save or perceive any one class of objects (valuables, people, flavors of food, etc.) as apparitions; that is they vanish when touched. The harder the victim tries to make contact, the more the object fades.
2. Dreadsome Self Dissolver: 90', 10'r +1' per level radius, 1min + 1mt per level over.
All within the radius must save or have their thoughts merge with the regions already disturbed psychic vortex. This makes action impossible and has two side effects. Each person has a chance (intelligence x 3%) of learning various things about the others in the field, (say d10 facts of random significance - memories, inclinations, secrets). Secondly, all within must roll a save (ego x 4%) or go insane (1-100 days), randomly.
3. Muse Myrmodan: 120', 1mt per level.
The conjuration requires 3mt. This spell forms one of (probably but a few) thoroughly studied warriors. Study requires 3d10 weeks. These are Phantasms, as in the lesser Phantasm spell, but they are humanoid. The illusionist may conjure one per 3 levels of max AC 4 (+1 per 3 levels over), all attributes = 15 (+1 per 3 levels over). They may have only normal acoutrements, including one single device which would be within the mage's power to construct. A variation produces only one Myrmodan, whose duration is minutes long, AC 2+1 base, and carries one device per 4 levels of caster.
4. Illusory Possession: 90', targeted, 10 mins per level.
The victim must save or take on all features (internally and externally) of a demonic possession. This means the victim will experience a demonic force dominating their will (unless they resist it), others will note the demonic modifications in the individual's appearance and physical nature. (See Goetic Wizardry for Possession details).
5. Permanent Illusion:
This ritual, cast simultaneous with any other spell (at that spell's range and so forth) prolongs its effects indefinately. It works only on spells which the caster has five or more levels than the minimum needed to cast them. The illusionist will not recover the energy required to cast this spell, nor the spell made permanent, until the caster allows the permanent magic to dispel. Permanent Illusions disperse upon the Illusionist's death.

Level Nine:

1. Dopplegang: 15', 10 mins per level.
The victim must save or the caster's appearance and affect, down to the minutest nuance, duplicates in the caster. The caster may speak in the victim's language and dialect, knows the victim's surface thoughts and posesses all his or her memories since the last sleep, as well as a basic memory for names and places. The caster will also give the appearance of having the same skills, wielding the same weapon. The last is an illusion of course, the illusionist uses whatever weapon he or she carries to strike with.
2. Mass Delusion: 100' per level, 100' r., 10 mins per level.
The caster may create a belief in all within the region who don't save. The belief could amount to an accepted fact (so-and-so is their enemy, for example), or the existence of a phenomenon (a terrible storm), or some overpowering emotional state (dread, etc.) which will render all incapable of functioning.
3. Nsavisath's Sunken Phantom's: 30', 1hour per level.
Illusions of any sort, or Apparitions may sink into a recipient, able to release at any time up to the duration of the spell. An individual may carry only one, except the caster, who supports a maximum of 1 per 4 levels. The Illusionist predetermines the effects at the time of casting, the phantoms merely await activation.
4. The Unknowable: 30', 1 min per 2 levels.
The recipient receives not merely Improved Invisibility, but also complete indetectibility by all magical scrying or detection magics. No tracks remain after the recipient moves through a region, physical, psychic or magical.
5. Metroveil: 100' per level, 1 week per level.
The Illusory creation has a massive range and complexity. The illusionist effectively either creates a city out of nothing or masks completely what a city is really like, adding or hiding anything, from architecture to inhabitents. The city may also include up to the mage's level of Greater Illusions, to fortify or reinforce their creation.
6 Spectrophage: 10', permanent.
This ritual takes 2d10 weeks and has as its result the creation of a Phantasm with a complete identity, forged by the caster (with the normal restriction, see the Lesser Phantasm spell). This being, while lacking a soul and thus any life force, will correspond in all ways to a living being.

Level Ten:

1. Cauchemar: 30', targeted, permanent.
The victim must save after this 1 minute ritual or become a Spectrophage, a being without a soul. The only way to restore that being's life would be religious, an extremely high order Blessing or Remove Curse.
2. Dreamscaping: As Metroveil, but it lasts one year and may be renewed.
It doesn't effect those who enter the region, but instead those that were indigenous. The living essense of things gets polluted with Illusion, subject to the caster's will. Creates flora, fauna, peoples, cities, etc. as well as assimilating those that existed previously - save those that were 'banned.'
3. Supreme Locus: 100' + 10' per level, permanent.
The mage takes over all Illusory forces in the region, save Phantasms, 50% + or - 10% per level diffenence.
© Erik Guttman, 1996