Miscellaneous Magic

Miscellaneous magic is used by mages who do not specialize in one form of magic or another. The spells listed here are often available to specialized mages, but at higher levels, or only selectively. Specialized magic often has a greater effect, or at the same sort of effect at lower levels. The breadth of different kinds of effects under their control distinguishes the unspecialized mage.

Level One:

1. Oddendir's Dazzlement: 30', targeted, d6mt per level.
The victim by small yellow and red sparks of the ambient temperature. They sting, roar, impair vision and smell strongly to the target, but merely hiss and make the target easier to spot for those looking on. They do no damage, but the victim is -3 to all actions, attack, defense and so on, and -6 to all sensing rolls. Save indicates 1/2 effect. The sparks go out if doused with any quantity of fluid.
2. Azure lance of Addan'deh: 120', 3mt per level.
The lance takes 1mt to conjure, and becomes a shaft of azure light as tall as the mage and an inch in diameter. It may be thrown (it strikes as a +1 crossbow and damages as a mounted lance). If used to parry it will deflect nonmagic missiles 40% + 5% per level of mage over needed to cast. Each time it parries, there is a cumulative 20% chance it will wink out. It cannot impale.
3. Claws of Tahdhodj: 75', targeted, very short duration.
The mage's hand glows red and a red flash appears on the target. A 'claw attack' is made, though at a range, against a surface or opponent. The damage is d6 per 3 levels +1 as well as whatever strength bonus damage the caster obtains. It may be used offensively (to scratch) or to knock objects off tables, rip aside curtains, etc.
4. Ebon Lash of the Coveted Fury: 30' + 3' per level over, 2mt + 1mt per level.
This is an ebony tendril which forms in 1mt. It may then be used to strike targets in range, but since it writhes in a 3'r it is unsafe to use unless an absolutely clear line of sight exists, (or it will probably strike the individual in the way). It strikes exactly as a +1 bullwhip, but it may be used to transfer emotion as damage (+d8 per 3 levels), but this makes the mage emotionless for d20 minutes each time used. Fear, Despair, etc. suffered by the caster negates this spell.
5. Kaleidoscopic Cone: 45' by 15' cone, d6mt + 1mt per level.
This is a cone of swirling colors and geometric patterns of light. All activity which requires sight of any kind is at -4 within. All unintelligent beings (animals, slimes, etc.) are enraptured and immobilized for the duration (or until physically harmed) if they fail to save. Intelligent beings must save or be stunned for 1mt.
6. Lense of Masking: 30', 10' square wall, 3mt +1mt per level.
A plane of energy appears where it is PLACED. The plane cannot be seen, nor can the mage when looked at through the lense. As long as the lense remains between the onlooker and the mage, the mage is invisible.
7. Pandrone's Spellgrid: 30', 10' square wall, 10mt +1mt per level.
A grid of 3" squares appears, composed of faint glowing green lines of magical force. The grid stops any one type of magical energy (impact, fire, rot, etc.), but each form must be memorized distinctly, and the type defended against must be declared when the spell is cast. It stops 3d8 points +d8 per 2 levels over from passing through the wall.
8. Magamar's Shield of Mists: 3mt +1 per level.
A shroud of mists covers the caster's body lightly (it takes 1mt), and gathers into a large spiralling shield when desired up to 3' away from the caster. It adds +3 AC in general, and +4 on the shielded side. In addition, the shield has a 50% chance of blocking physical blows if concentrated upon 100%, + or -10% per level difference (mage's vs. fighters).
9. Runed Path of Atsosodleez: 100' per level, 1min per level. Casting requires 1mt per 200', which then glows with a 1' wide path of opalescent runes.
The mage and as many others as are "keyed in" may jump onto the path at any point and are carried along to whichever terminus they desire at 400' per turn. It may carry only 2 people at a time +1 per will power expended. Keying in requires the mage to have studied an individual for at least an hour.
10. Paydar's Shockwave: 60' +5' per level over (radius), instantaneous or d6mt per level in 'scan' mode.
This spell gives a spatial sense due to a mystic energy pulse. In the single wave mode, it makes the caster aware of all surfaces in the region, however small or well hidden they are. (This can be of use in determining the existence of secret panels, doors, pockets, etc.) In the scan mode, invisible or camouflaged individuals may be noted, as well as terrain features even in complete darkness.
11. Mystic Lock: 30', 1min +3mt per level.
The mage holds a door, window, chest or other portal firmly closed for the duration of the spell. A strength of 23 +1 per 2 levels of caster may break through it.
12. Mystic Bound: 25' +3' per level, instantaneous.
The mage may jump anywhere up to the full range of this spell, and up to 2/3 of the max range in height. Rising and alighting occur without any physical force. This may be cast while in hand to hand combat.
13. Discern Enchantment: 10', targeted. Casting time: 10 minutes.
This spell has a result only with a 75% (+3% per level over) chance. If successful, the mage discerns 1-100% (+3% per level over) of the function of a given enchanted artifact, rune, trap, etc. To determin how to use a given artifact, it must be studied for 1-20 hours total, and the same percentile roll is made to find out how much is initially understood. After d20 days of use, in normal cases, the other functions will become apparent.

Level Two:

1. Agrok's Blasting Stars: 120' +10 per level, last until impact.
One star (1" diameter balls of white light) flies toward the target from an outstretched hand. They explode to a 1' diameter on impact, doing d10 force and d3 heat. All that is flammable must save or immolate, magically burning for d3 heat per mt until extinguished. They are +4 to hit and cannot be used on targets less than 10' away.
2. Hathred's Targeting Splotches: 60' +5' per level, targeted, 1min + 1mt per level.
The victim is covered with small glowing sky blue splotches (d20% +d10% per level) These splotches will not go invisible and subtract 2x% rolled from stealth and hiding rolls, etc. If splotch % rolled, the splotches will add +2 to hit and damage, +3 for missile weapons, +4 for the caster (any attacks).
3. Ripper of Flesh: Touch, 10 min per level or until used.
This enchantment is placed on any metal object and is released when that object encounters living matter. It will release a d4 points per level explosion of force, no save is allowed. Another version, Ripper of Unflesh, will do identical damage to undead beings.
4. Seed of Disaffection: 120' +10' per level, targeted, 15mins +1 per level over.
The caster plants a mystic seed in the victim. Nothing happens to him or her until the caster clenches his fist (before the duration runs out), and then the victim collapses, stunned for 1mt per 2 caster levels. If the caster desires, his further spells cast on that being may be linked to the seed, so that many effects will be delayed for the trigger. If the victim resists the seed will fail to be planted.
5. Sphere of Glazing: 3' radius ball +1'r per 2 levels, 20mt + 2mt per level.
The sphere looks like a semi-mirrored soapy bubble with prismatic patterns playing across its surface. It reflects gaze attacks 100% and stops flashes 50% +5% per level. Any stab from inside or outside will pop the sphere, but impact attack are absorbed 10% per level (chance). The sphere may be keyed to any one type of magical attack (fire, cold, etc.) which will be stopped d20% per level of caster. Fluids of all sorts drip off the bubble, and the damn thing floats. It takes 3mt to conjure. All other attack forms go through 100%.
6. Mangdammon's Steps: 1min +5mt per level.
A yellow rectangle 3' by 5' appears within one stride in any direction of the caster, and support up to 3x his or her weight on any single step. 25 of these steps may be created per level of caster. It will only support one being per level of caster (the next one will cause the step landed upon to vanish). Given 1mt, the mage may cause any number of these platforms to vanish. They take 5pts. +1pt per level as planes of force.
7. Rothenbreeg's Surface Skimming: 20', targeted, min per level.
The caster or any other recipient may move at their normal running pace while floating 1" above any real, smooth and unchanging surface, effortlessly and silently. OK surfaces are stone, flat beds of ice, calm bodies of water, or snow or sand when there is no wind. This does not allow clinging to vertical or highly inclined surfaces.
8. Darksight: 180', min +mt per level.
The caster may see invisible objects and entities 75% + or - 5% per level difference between the caster and the magical source of the invisibility. In addition, even in complete darkness, solid objects will be seen hazily and without color.
9. Dhemon's Darkness: 90', 30' +5' diameter per level, 3min +5mt per level.
The region is darkened to the extent that NO form of light is sufficient for vision (ultraviolet, infrared, visual spectrum, radar, etc.) It is cold within (ambiently 0 Celsius).
10. Lesser Knock: 45', targeted, instantaneous.
The spell takes 2mt to cast. It will open any unlocked door, hatch or lid gently to its full open position. If the portal is locked, (such as with the Lock Spell), it dispels this 60% + or - 5% per level of difference between the caster and dispeller. It has 1/3 this % versus Greater Locks (a 3rd level spell, for which a 4th level Greater Knock is required). Nonmagical locks open 75% + or -5% difference between level of lock and spell caster.

Level Three:

1. Ball of (X): 60', placed, 1mt.
A 1'r ball of damage type 'x' (see below), rockets out to the position PLACED from the caster's hand and explodes into a 15'r ball. It will detonate if it hits anything on the way. It does d6 damage per caster level, save to half. The damage is divided among all those targets in the ball.
2. Bolt of (X): 75', 8'dia , one second.
The ball is half of damage type 'x' and half of solid impact, otherwise the damage is done as Ball above. The bolt begins at 1'dia at 10' and gathers size as it goes, thus one must roll to hit with it at +5. Damage is d8 per 2 levels divided among the 2 types, no save for the impact.
3. Cone of (X): 30', 15' terminating radius.
All damage is as Ball, but the effects may splash or be squeezed into a new shape if the physical shape of the target area demands it. (The game master adjudicates this: The principle to follow is that the same VOLUME must be filled no matter what.)
(X = Damage types available, and the minimum level needed to use:)

	Fire(5)        Cold(5)               Lightning(5)
	Acid(6)        Flash(6)			
	Poison Gas(7)  Undead Disruption(7)
	Sonics(8)      Wind Erosion(8)
	Rot(9)         Crush(9)
	Stoning(10)    Disintigration(10)

	There are more damage forms listed at higher level. 
	Note that these damage forms are not natural, ie. The
 	fire listed is not so much heat as the elemental quality 
	of burning.  Fire will cause objects to catch on NATURAL 
	fire, and this may be treated in a normal way, ie. put out 
	by jumping into water.

	Every 4 levels over 5th, a mage may combine one more attack 
	form into these format oriented spells.  (More formats will 
	be listed later, also.)  The minimum level to cast is always 
	2 higher than the higher of the two combined.  Example: an 
	Acid/Rot Cone could only be cast by a 9th level (minimum for 
	Rot) +2 = 11th level mage.
4. The Circle of Kenna Tenak: 120', targeted, 3mt +1mt per level over.
A circle of black runes appear in a 5'r around the target if he does not resist. They are about 1' square and 4" thick, and form a magical sphere which will not allow the entity to pass, nor any nonmagical physical attack either. If the entity can attack the runes (this requires magical weapons), each of the runes has AC3 and 12 points. Each one that is shattered has a d20% cumulative chance of releasing the captive. It may hold beings of up to twice the mage's scale.
5. Jivrith's Tactical Volume Spell: 120' +5' per level over, 3 feet on a side per level cube, 3mt per level.
A small translucent violet cube appears in the caster's hand, 2" on a side. It flies at the target when released at 360'/turn, roll to hit at +1. On any impact it will become a cube of the dimensions described above, or if there is no room, it will squeeze out to completely fill hallways, etc. It has a gelatinous consistency, immune to cuts and chops. Energy dissolves it (1pt = 1 cubic foot). Those in its path are flung back as it expands, (roll Agility on %ile dice to stay on one's feet. Those that are pinned to walls or wish to force their way through it may do so only 3% per strength point over 14, at 1' per turn per str over 14.
6. Vanundruk's Smiter: 180', targeted, 3mt.
This spell is used to kill a stunned, paralyzed or sleeping foe surreptitiously. A black tendril 1" thick forms in 1mt, snakes its way over to the victim the next mt, and settles over any exposed flesh. The last mt it does 3pts impact per level, or if an extra mt is taken, it will burrow through the body destroying vital organs.
7. Ymiltaw's Cart: 120', 20mins per level.
The spell conjures (a 1min ritual) a 4 wheeled cart 13' long and 7' wide with no railings. The wheels are 8' diameter so the cart rides about 4' over the ground. It bears up to 500 lbs per level and rolls under its own power (the mage must think it commands within the 120' range.) It may bend (using up d20 minutes of duration) to get around even 90 degree turns, and may grip into ice and up to a 45 degree incline. It can take up to 5pts per level, and without telepathic commands, it will continue as it was last directed to.
8. Mind touch: 25' +3' per level over, targeted, 3mins +1 per level over.
Conscious thoughts in the form of words are conveyed, but only to a willing target. Both must speak the same language.
9. Umgort's Language Aid: 30'r. +5' per level over, 1min per level.
All within the area may understand the voices of others as though in their native or primary tongue. If focused on one individual, they may both speak and understand any language as above, as a native.
10. Frog in Your Throat: 90', targeted, 1min per level.
The target will say only what the caster wills, and nothing else for the duration if the victim doesn't save. They do not know who is doing this to them. The spell prevents all forms of verbal expression from the victim, but not any bodily actions. Note: this spell would incapacitate a mage attempting to cast spoken spells.
11. Minor Flash: 60', 5'r ball +1'r per level over, instantaneous.
A magical flare of brightness (not entirely light) occurs, as a ball of whiteness. All within will be blinded for d6mt then -5 visual perception and -3 attack and defense for d10mt, save to the latter effect. Closed eyes or blinking (3%) prevents the harmful effect.
12. Dispel Magic: 120', targeted, immediate.
This spell is used to negate the effects of a particular spell or magical effect. It is effective 50% + or - 10% per level difference between the source of the magical effect and the dispeller. A partial dispelling may be attempted if the full dispel fails. This will either cause a quarter of the radius, wall or field effect to vanish, or cause the spell to pause in its effects of 1mt +1mt per level over the source of the magic. This works 65% + or - 5% per level difference (as above).

Level Four:

1. Displacer: 50' + 10' per level, 1mt.
The mage causes a flux in space which allows one being and all they wear or carry to safely pass to the maximum range in any direction. The exit point must be PLACED exactly. If the exit point turns out to be in solid matter, the percentage of body mass involved SQUARED is the points of damage from disintegration. This spell is noisy, as the displaced air explodes from the point of arrival.
2. The Dancing Prism Spell: 1'r around caster, 1mt per 3 levels.
The prism is a 13" by 1" crystal which orbits erratically and quickly (600' per turn) around the mage. It is -6 to hit but only the slightest impact destroys it. The effect is +20% (+1% per level over) to the caster's magic resistance. In addition, cones spill around the caster 75% + or - 5% (see dispel magic). No magical energies may come from the caster save his or her own spells or the Prism negates.
3. Nantriot's Venting Pyramid: 1' per level square base, 3' per level high, min +1mt per level over.
The pyramid is of indigo light. All within are difficult to see (+4 vs. missile attacks). In addition, durations of spells are "vented out" at +1mt (+1 per 2 levels over) per mt. Poison gas, mist and liquids are evacuated in d6mt automatically, and the air inside is pure. It must be cast on a flat surface and centered on the caster.
4. Detect (X): 45', min +mt per level.
Separate spells for each of the following possibilities (and whatever you choose to make up). Gold, Gates, Slime, Traps, Life, Demons, Detection/Crystal Ball Scans, Psychic activity, Ambush... The mage can see the "glow" of these things even through 10' of solid stone, 1' of solid metal and 1" of magical material. Thus the mage can determine the direction and magnitude of the stuff detected. If cast specifically on one source, d100% of the specifics regarding it are divulged.
5. Spell Sourcing: 120', min per level.
All spells cast within the range are noticed by the caster 50% +5% per level over. Roll % for information:
	01 - 25 :	who cast it, at what or who
	26 - 50 : 	AND: what type of effect it was
	51 - 75 :	AND: what specific effects it has and will develop
	76 - 00 :	AND: duration, necessary counter magic, hidden f/x
6. The Eye of the Enchanter: 30' + 10' per level over, 1mt per 2 levels.
The effect occurs in a cone, the terminating diameter of which is a third the final range. All within the cone who face the caster must save or be mesmerized by the caster. They will be incapable of further action for the duration, or if the caster concentrates 100%, the victims may be manipulated en masse in any non-violent way: walking, disrobing, disarming, tying each other up, etc.
7. Gyrradin's Glomm Spell: 60' + 10' per level, targeted.
Unless the target resists, a particular item which the caster desires will dislodge itself from the victim and fly at 240' per turn into the caster's greedy and eager palm. Items may weigh 5lbs. per level. Enchanted objects which have a will of their own may save in addition to their bearer's save.
8. Toxolorn's Terror: 60', targetted, d10mt +1 per level over.
If the victim does not save, they either (80%) flee from the caster in blind panic, or (20%) are paralyzed with fear. A sixth level version of this spell Improved Terror effects multiple victims, one per four levels.
9. Polymorph Self/Other: 30', targeted, min per level.
The caster may change himself (or another, but only if the victim fails to save) into another living being, but only with a difference in scale (1/2 or 2 times) per 4 caster levels. An ogre (2x human scale) could be reduced to a being 1/4 its scale by an eighth level caster, for example. Say into a giant toad. The victim requires time (3 minutes -1mt per 2 points of intelligence they have) in order to adjust to their new form. Until then, they are helpless. Polymorphs may only be to nonmagic creatures, and only one form per level may be known to the caster, (ie. garden snail, raven, etc.)
10. Quytxex's Phek Up Spell: 60', targeted, 1mt per level.
The victim will fumble if he or she misses in an attack roll by 4 (or 20%), and all natural fumbles are "hit self for full damage." If resisted, the victim is still -3 attack and defense.
12. Syvvac's Visor Spell: sight, min per level.
The mage's eyes glow with a nimbus of lavender light. He or she sees the following: invisible entities and beings out of phase. Illusions appear to waver and enchanted objects or regions glow a light reddish orange.
13. Minor Illusory Wall: 60' +5' per level over, 10' square wall per level, 1 day per level or until dispelled.
The two dimensional surface may hold any three dimensional image. The only force that will not pass through it is light, (eg. the only visual image across the illusory wall is that programmed into it.) The visual display must be passive, which is to say, it may move or change at intervals, but it cannot do so in response to events occuring after the time of casting.

Level Five:

1. The Collapsing Shunt of Thek: 180', targetted, 1mt.
This spell allows teleportation magic to be used offensively, though with limitations. The mage conjures two mirror panes, one place where ever the mage wants the victim to end up, facing the appropriate direction. The other mirror appears d6 feet behind the victim. The victim must save or tumble through it, and out the other mirror. As the mirror lasts 1 mt, other people if very quick may jump through as well (3% chance per point of agility). However, there exists a chance (13% -1% per level over) that the 'exit' mirror will appear d10 +3 feet behind the caster!
2. Wall of (X): 90', wall of 100 square feet per level, min +1mt per level.
This spell does damage as listed in level three, but with the following additional forms and minimal levels. (Add 4 to the minimal levels for use of attack forms for use in the Wall format). The wall damage is d10 per 3 levels to each being each time they breach the wall. Walls are usually 1' thick and are opaque. All walls must be placed and are formed in rectangular shapes as desired..
Special types of walls and their minimum levels are as follows:
i. Wall of Stone(9):
These walls have the additional advantage of flexibility of format. They may be cast into any shape desired, such as a bridge, a statue, a row of pillars to hold up a ceiling, a ramp, etc.. Permanent until dispelled or crushed, it will powder away after one week per level.
ii. Iron(10):
This wall weighs tons an has the secondary effects of conducting electrical energy well and providing lots of useful ore. (1 inch per 3 levels thick). Lasts 1 day per level then corrodes into nothingness.
iii. Thorns(10):
The writhing branches and thorns of this wall do d10 per 3 levels of slash damage plus a (80% -5% per strength or agility over 14) chance of becoming entangled and receiving d8 crush and d8 rending each mt of duration. Escape is 5% per strength or agility over 14. It burns with fire, and 5 points of energy damage will neutralize a 1' square segment. Any cutting/chopping damage is immediately replaced. It will harm beings which can only be harmed by magical weapons.
iv. Force(11):
This wall cannot be moved or seen. It stops 10 points of physical force or energy damage. It is impervious to acid, gasses and slims. Nonphysical forces and entities may pass through it without effect (ie. psychic effects or specters). One mt of concentration and expended will power will renew the wall, but this effectively means recasting the spell.
v. Mixed wall forms
(2 levels higher than the highest of the two forms of attack: The wall has a mixture of tow attack forms, such as a swirling black fluid wall cascaded with sheets of sparks (acid and lightning).
3. Phase: 30' +5' per level, 6mt + 1mt per level over.
A pathway within the range twice the width of the caster and half again as tall as the caster forms 'out of phase' with space. Once within this conduit, the caster no longer physically exists in space. They cannot be seen or effected physically, only psychically or spiritually (by priestly or undead attacks, or perhaps with magic attacks if they can be located.) The caster observes the world as murals on the side of the phase corridor, and may only effect the outside world using the methods described above. If the phase corridor isn't exited before the duration ends, the mage is thrust out an entrance randomly and stunned for d10 minutes. From inside, more Phase spells may be used to more onward.
4. Phimon's Parablast: 60' +5' per level over, 5-15'r variable, d6 mt per 2 levels.
All within that do not save are paralyzed (rigidly) until the duration completes. If they resist, their dexterities and agilities and movement speeds reduce to two thirds.
5. Rignom's Regeneration Spell: 15', targetted, 1mt.
The recipient of this spell regenerates d6 +1per level points of damage on any magically caused wound immediately. No scar is left.
6. Teleportation: 100' per level squared, targeted, instantaneous.
No ground to air teleports may be performed intentionally. Momentum conserves despite change in position. A loud crack occurs at the egress and entrance point, due to imploding and exploding air (as loud as a firecracker). Depending on the mage's familiarity with the target of the teleport he or she runs different risks:
        Error %   Margin     Type                               Notes			
           3%     d6 feet    Very Familiar                      To one's house, etc.
           6%     d8  ""     Line of Sight or Studied Carefully
           9%     d10 ""     In a melee with line of sight
                             Seen casually                      Less than 10min study
          15%     d20 ""     In a melee                         obstructed view
                             Viewed only once
          30%     d50 ""     Never seen but described, 
                             conjectured, depicted...

For each roll of margin roll 50/50 (up/down), (right/left) and (foward/backward) the distance rolled each time. This means six rolls are required: which direction and how far in each of three dimensions, displaced from the desired target. Error reduces 1% chance per 2 levels to a 1% minimum. For each 1% of body mass teleported into a solid object or material, one point disintigration ensues (no save allowed).

A level six spell, Atelusian Teleport, is the same in every respect to the above except that it teleports the matter at the destination back to the target. Thus, the spell is both silent and much safer. Note: although the lethal effect of appearing in a solid object is avoided, one may still easily end up encased in solid rock...

7. Telekenesis: 10' per level, targeted, 1mt per level.
The mage may move objects up to 25 lbs per level at 20' per turn, doubling in speed each mt to a maximum speed of 320' per turn. The objects may be used to strik for d8 impact per mt sped up, if at least half the mass of the target.
8. The Pillars of Pi'ott: 1' gap per level, 1mt per 2 levels.
Two ebony pillars half again taller than the caster form to either side (see above). They are 1' in diameter and are pure magical force. Chrome lightning crackles between them and through the mage. Nonmagic missiles deflect, and magic ones have a -1 chance in their attack per 2 levels of caster. As long as the caster remains between the pillars, radius effects such as fireballs or icestorms have a 40% chance (+ or - 5% per level difference between the caster and the force of the radius magic) of not affecting him or her in any way. In addition, the caster gains +1 per 3 levels protection versus hostile magic.
9. Basic Transformation: 60', target or 5' cube effect per level, permanent effect.
The caster may cause one element to revert to another form of the same element. Examples: fog <--> water <--> ice or dust <--> stone, rock <--> mud. Flesh turns to stone (save allowed), paper to ash. The spell has no effect on metal. A living being transformed to stone does not die, it only stops thinking, feeling, moving, etc. The soul remains within it.
10. Thyrril's Plantascular Protection: 15', targeted, hour per level.
A silver skin fits around the recipient and his acoutrements at the time of casting. This skin provides air to breath and is 100% immune to heat or cold and radiation occuring in the environment. It is also sealed to all forms of foriegn particles, so no gas, dust, liquid or physical contact is possible. It provides 25% resistance to all temperature and radiation attacks. It seals instantly when broken by a physical attack (forming around & over the weapon).

Level Six:

1. Cube of (X): 180', 10' sides +1' per level over, min + mt per level.
A cube of a particular 'form' is created such that the effect only harms those who attempt to pass through it. Thus, one is not burned inside a cube of force. The classic cube is the cube of force. Cubes have the advantage of being mobile (ie. they can float or be enchanted with a flight spell and provide group locomotion). Damage is as per 'Wall.'
2. Dome of (X): 45', 5' diameter (2x as high) +1' per level over, mt per 2 levels.
This spell creates a defensive perimeter, allowing the one inside (it negates if more than one being exists inside) a degree of safety and perfect visibility and access through it. Unlike the other Wall spells, this one has no effect on that which passes outward through it, only what comes in. Add 3 to the minimum levels for casting attack forms to determine which type can be used in a dome format.

The following are more advanced forms of attack and a description of their effects. They will comprise the basic tools available to higher level mages, as fire and so on made up the repertoire of lower level mystics.

These attack forms would rarely be used in the forms which have been listed above (Cones, etc.), although they may be. Each has complicated secondary results for which notes are necessary. If used in a standard way, say as a wall, these effects would result to those coming in contact.

Sand(11) Worn by the friction of Prime Material
Standard damage to living beings, nonmagical/nonmagical physical objects worn into nothing, even partially nonmaterial beings unharmed.
Shadow(12) Cut/Removed by that Beyond &Between
As sand except it harms only those at least partially nonmaterial (ie. undead, etc.). For a fuller description, see Shadow Magic, in particular, under the heading of Shadow Attack, a 5'th level effect.
Space(13) Scattered, atomized, dissipated
In an attack form, it works as disintigration, except that the parts only scatter. As a wall, etc. it prevents any transit through, on any plane or by teleporting. At higher levels (17+) it turns spells also.
Time(14) Decayed, stasis-entombed, aged
The damage done is decay. In the form of a wall it acts as regional stasis. Nothing physical can pass or harm it. Only target spells, psychic energy, demons, noncorporeal undead, etc. can pass.
Lifedrain(15) Lifeforce, etc. drained as per undead
In attack form, 1 level per 8 of caster are drained permanently, or more if temporary. Walls may cause living matter to stick to it draining through time unless the wall is dispelled.
Transformation(16) Part/whole made into controlled form
In attack form, roll d10% per level of caster and the victim is turned into another substance, under the mage's complete control. This could be linked to the mage's Polymorph knowledge, a spell of Golemization, etc. In a wll form, the victim becomes that type to the extent the wall is crossed.
Radiation(17) A form of disruption which never heals
This effect permanently maligns living or unliving tissue, as well as physical and otherplanar objects, with the most pervers of chaotic energies. This effect doesn't heal, ever, nor can it have anything but perverse consequences (such as birth defects, etc. but taken to a Lovecraftian excess).
Hellfire(18) Netherforce (fire, rot...), ignores imms.
This is an otherplanar form of attack, with the full power of nether dimensions searing outward. The Nether fire, acid or whatever, has nothing in common with normal or even magical fire, so that normal immunities do not work against it. Only demonic or religiously granted immunities and protection defend against it. Otherwise it operates as does the previous forms (add 13 to minimums of other attack forms).
Cancellation(19) Fully negates/damages magic (beings)
This antimagic energy annhialates magical effects, devices and beings. Effects are dispelled, devices negated, and beings must save or permanently lose their magical qualities, or in the case of elemental, be completely destroyed. Demons must save or suffer banishment and subsequent problems at reforming themselves in the Netherworld.
Void(20) Ultimate destruction of anything
The Void represents the antithesis of Being. The effect of the Void requires all beings with living or unliving energies to save or be utterly and ultimately consumed. All else, be it energy or matter, gets consumed anyway. This force can never be unleashed safely, as it has a tendency to get out of control and continue devouring.

3. The Satiation Spell of Daltron: 100' +10' per level, targeted.
Cast upon a particular being or magical effect, this enchantment fools it into thinking its objective has been met. In other words, if a Golem pursues a particular victim, this stop it - completing its mission magically. Or a charmed person could be released from their task, etc. A magical effect zooming in can be made to detonate at a distance with this spell. Roll 65% + or - 5% per level difference.
4. Death Spells: 120', targeted, instantaneous.
The victim must save or die. All death spells have a limiting clause. Either the victim must be the same scale as the caster, or the victim must have eye contact with the caster who speaks his or her name, or the victim must be on a previously inscribed rune, a black beam must hit the intended victim, etc. A nineth level spell, Mass Death, allows 1 to save or die per 4 levels of caster.
5. Camadon's Massive Sedation: 200', 15' radius +5' per level over, min + 2mt per level.
All those in the effective radius except the caster (if he or she happens to be in it) must save or become quiescent. All have their thoughts stopped; effecting all except automata or beings of pure energy and purpose (such as demons or elementals). Only dispelling or elapsed duration negate this effect.
6. Disintegration: 75', 5' cube +1' per level over.
The target may either be a single individual or a region. The single individual must save or be annhialated into energy. All in the region must save likewise. The opposite spell, Reintigration, will cause any being or region within a 15' radius which was disintigrated to immediately reintigrate. It has a range of 150' and must be placed. It will, of course, negate all disintigration damage as well.
7. Divdonovar's Dreamsnake: 10' per level, targeted.
The victim must save or the next time he or she falls asleep, the ensuing nightmare will be lethal.
8. Thenwhen Circle: 15'r, 1mt per 2 levels.
A shadowy circle forms around the mage which causes him or her to drift into the future and the past by a fraction of a second. This suffices to make magic (of the instantaneous effect genre) difficult to bring to bear upon the mage. This spell adds 25% magic resistance, +2% per level. No space or time spells may be used during this spell's duration.
9. Runed Transference of Atsosodleez: 100' per level squared.
The casting of this spell creates a rune 5' in diameter, where the mage places it. This rune will remain for 1 hour per caster level. Upon casting again, this rune will connect to any other existing one within the range which the mage decides, for as long as he or she decides it should last. Up to one keyed in entity per 4 levels may pass through (see the Runed Path of Atsosodleez for details). This allows safe teleportation to occur in an organized and large scale.

Level Seven:

1. Golemization: 90', targeted, 1mt per 3 levels.
The recipient must becomes a freewilled golem, with the same restrictions as with Polymorph. One needs, therefore, some practice in Golem form before being able to act immediately upon transformation. Here are the golem statistics:
Type            AC    Move       Attack                      Special			
FLESH:          9      60'       2 fists: 2d6                None (1)
CLAY:           5      50'       as above                    None (2)
IRON:           2      45'       ":2d8 + breath              6d6 lightning. (3)
SILVER:         2+2    60'       ":3d6 + breath              7d6 cold/paralysis (3)
GOLD:           6      75'       ":3d8 + breath              8d6 fire/flash (3)
ADAMANTINE:     2+5    90'       ":3d10+breath               disintigrate to 8d8(4)
GAS:            8      80'       ":d10  +breath              gasseous engulf (1)
SLIME:          8      80'       ":d10  +breath              slime effect (1)
ICE:            4      70'       ":2d12+breath               6d6 cold/wind (1)
CRYSTAL:        2+3    75'       ":3d12+breath               sonics. (2)  fist=sharpness

No golem may be effected by confusion, charm, psychic attack or fear. They are immune to the forms of attack which they use. Slime golems will splash in a 10'r when destroyed, and will spatter those struck by their fists. Gas golems will fill up a 60'r with a cloud. Crystal golems explode when destroyed for 4d10 within 10', decreasing 1d10 per 10'. The number listed in the special column relates to the golem's effective scale, which is to say how dense they are. The number listed in the special column relates to the golem's effective scale, which is to say how dense they are. This is the amount of damage they may take compared to a human being. Thus, an adamantine golem would be 4x as tough as a human. (See my combat system for how I work that out.) Also note that weapons striking metal golems have a high chance of breaking.

2. One-way Wall of (X):
As per Wall of (X) except it simply doesn't exist from one side, while it has full effects from the other.
3 Elemental Conjuration: 30', 1min per level.
This spell may either call an elemental randomly, without controlling it, or slowly conjure one in a controlled and specific manner. The first method takes 3mt, the second 3 minutes of conjuration with a suitable quantity of material about, (a lake, a huge blaze). For specific Elementals, see the descriptions of the Elemental Planes below. In the out of control sense, the Elemental's reaction will most likely be rage. Their only interest will be in returning home. 30% of the time, however, a lesser form will come, and they have a much greater intelligence and interest in interacting with humanoids. Either conjuration works only 67% +8% per level over, and the latter has a control chance of 70% + 5% per level over, and up to a -35% if the Elemental conjured is of great power. The mage may only demand one task be performed. In the case of Greater Elementals, they will depart in 1-100% of the normal duration if they do their best to leave.
4. The Seal of Tempered Memory: 30', targeted, permanent.
This spell may be used in combat as a Mindwipe spell, to cause complete amnesia in any sentient being. Cast over a 10 minute span, a victim's memories may be "made over" so as to add, delete or distort memories. Alternate histories or identities may be supplanted. The victim's imagination will supply the niceties of filler to the thin story supplied. They will be driven insane before they will be convinced that they are wrong. Thus, this must be dispelled or cured, but not merely talked through.
5. Planar Rift: 45', 10' square, 1mt per 4 levels.
An opening forms from one plane to another, so that entities and energies may cross through. A planar rift may be used to survey what a scene looks like on other planes, or effect things on that plane as well as actually crossing into it. The rift goes both ways. To leave another plane, another Planar Rift is necessary, unless the original one remains open. Only the closest planes to any given Dimension allow a rift to open onto them. Here is a Guide to the Planes. Beings in the same plane may effect each other physically. However, the physical laws of alternate planes may be similar to our own. Sanctified or religiously imbued regions exist as islands of nature: no other plane coexists with them, whatsoever.

Level Eight:

1. Storm of (X): 120', 10' radius, 1mt per level.
The spell causes a damage effect as described above to form (add 8 levels to the minimum level) but in an active storm. Damage is not divided among those present as in other attack spells. Damage is d10 per 3 levels of caster. With 100% concentration, the storm may be moved at 45' per turn. Except for 'force storms' the effect is opaque. Two effects may be combined, adding 10 to the minimum level of the higher of the two.
2. Serelorn Berelesp: 150', targeted, permanent.
The victim/recipient is encased in a magical shell of force and placed in a state of suspension. As long as the shell of force is not destroyed the being within will remain alive but completely inactive. A save indicates being trapped within the field, from which it is impossible to escape by physical means as within it nothing moves, for d10 mt. The field resists force of all kinds up to one point per caster level squared. The effect can be keyed to cease at a particular time in the future, or based on a particular event (such as when this gong sounds, at the birth of the third son of our present monarch, etc.)

Level Nine:

1. Lesser Gate: 60', 10' square, 1mt per 4 levels.
The statistics given refer to a gate cast impromptu, which takes 3mt. A prepared gate, 30' range, 1min per level max, allows for a greater variety of portal sizes. These gates allow access onto separate Dimensions, which is to say completely disjoint dimensional realms from the material plane. These include both the Netherworlds and other lesser "pocket realms." Given enough time (2d6 months) and a great deal of valuable equipment (Game Master will adjudicate), a permanent gate may be constructed. This would not remain open at all times, but could be by means of an actual physical portal. The permanent gate lasts indefinately until opened a maximum of 10 minutes per level of caster.

For a description of other planes, consult the GUIDE TO THE NETHERWORLD, included in the section on Goetic Wizardry.

Level Ten:

1. Greater Gate:
As Lesser Gate, but it allows a portal to form between whole 'realities,' by which I mean any number of things. Another reality might equate to another Game Master's campaign world, to an alternate campaign, etc. such that none of their Planes are in common. Most of my friends play such that the Netherworlds are common between our campaigns, but that's up to you.


ASTRAL: This is the realm of thought. A colorless geometrical vortex of lines and points extend out to infinity. This allows for planes and platforms, for beings used to standing on normal flat surfaces, airial terrain for flyers and so forth. Thinking beings on the material plane appear as luminous centers, and if one knows how, one may see their thoughts as various levels of telepathy. All is disembodied space, motion is accomplished by will power.

Populated by memories, delusions, ideas, quotations. Somewhere, a vast structure corresponding to every law ever codified or conceived exists. Encoded somewhere in the labrynthine structure one may find the hidden structure to any system, though understanding it may be a trick.

Concentrating, a colorless and insubstantial material world may be brought into focus. Words, emotions, psychic attacks and powers and intent may cross through the dimensions. Thus a specially trained being could attack to or from the Astral plane by 'pure intention' mixed with a physical attack. But for the most part, little can be done actively from this plane to any other save espionage, travel and psychic exploits.

ETHERIAL: The realm of pure spiritual force. The only thing visible on the material plane is force, be it magical, living or technological. The landscape of Ether convulses with chaotic change. Leprously bubbling skies surround bits of shredded landscape, here a path, there a spiral of black ichor, a broken hole in space through which on views a troubles sea of tumbling boulders... The only stability here are the beings and forces of the material world which appear as ghostly outlines now and then.

The denizens of the Etherial plane are universally unpleasant. They are thankfully few in number, but include interplanar predators and demons that have lost their way somewhere between the material and Netherworlds.

The Etherial plane is dangerous because of its magical and shifting nature. Virtually every listed form of magical attack exists in the environment, waiting to snare unwary passers-by. While all living and magical force in the material world has its counterpart on the Etherial plane, the converse isn't true. The Etherial plane is 'bigger' and only overlaps with reality at certain points, at certain unpredictable moments. Thus, it is very easy to get lost there, and very hard to use magic from Ether to the material plane.

NEGATIVE MATERIAL: This plane resides closest to the material one. It only exists in a parallel fashion in regions where natural laws have been violated in some way. This occurs wherever magic has been used, as well as natural deaths made unnatural for some reason. The negative material plane looks like a ghostly version of our own, the only solid objects are those which are alive, or have had significance to those who lived. Memory and emotion laden areas have color, though only richly if these were painful and incomplete.

The Greater Undead inhabit this region. The 'unnatural' clause explains why they cannot roam the streets or walk around in daylight or through your house. Unless something has gone very wrong in or around a place, it simply doesn't exist on the negative material plane.

Objects held by beings on the negative material plane slowly enter it. All Negative matter (which must be or be borne by beings in the negative material plane, there is no stuff there, in other words), will disrupt normal matter on contact. Undead beings can control this, damaging living matter but not dissipating on their own. But if they venture beyond the bounds of their negative material zone, everything, from sunlight to water, will dissolve them. Similarly, if a normal material being is on the negative material plane, all material touched will disrupt both that material and whoever touched it. Figure d8 damage for a tap, to 2d10 damage for a full embrace, each mt.

PHASE: Between the 3 dimensions, separating them, one finds Phasia. This nonplace may be entered only magically, and has no inhabitants. See the Level 5 spell, Phase for details. Certain beings may Phase naturally, stepping around corners (visually that means vanishing behind an imaginary edge, an act which looks the same from any perspective. It appears as if the being passed behind a curtain, behind which it is invisible.)

SHADOW: Coexisting with any shadows on the material plane, this realm opens outward, as with windows. The shadow plane exists beyond these shadows, connecting them. The shadows of living beings throw patches of light into the otherwise complete gloom. Trails darker than the normal dark grey snake through the shadow realm, leading deeper into it unless one is careful. At the center of the Shadow realm there is a terrible city, with a Shadow Lord. Material beings there are a real prize, for their shadows upon the owner's death provide an escape to the material realm. Many beings are trapped in the shadow realm.

Unlike other realms, nothing can pass in or out of it save whole beings. One may see out, but affect nothing. The shadow realm is the only 'plane' which may actually function as a lesser or greater gate, as the same shadow realm borders on all planes where shadows exist. But any navigation save the most simple, from on place to another on the material plane, entails grave dangers of capture or falling into reach of the Shadow Lord and his benighted city. For more information, see Shadow Magic notes.
ELEMENTAL - AIR: Clear blue skies in all directions. Those without wings or the ability to fly fall, get buffeted or tossed in random directions until they land on a cloud. These form and dissolve without a pattern, so no footing remains stable for long. The temperature varies from terribly hot to deadly cold, and mists make visibility difficult. Winds attain velocities which do continuous 'wind magic' damage. Elemental types: Sylph(lesser), a small capricious being which has limited prescience, allowing it to take a friendly and familiar form, and foresee danger (if to itself, it flees at an alarming 500'/turn). It may take the form of a being especially to seduce him or her, expressly to tease them and excite their imagination, as they thrive on poetry and song. Air Elemental, may be of varying degrees of power, but essentially a vortex around a cloud of white vapors. It may lift and carry great weights, cause violent or continual winds, provide breathable and fresh air, or explode a region violently.

ELEMENTAL - WATER: An endless seascape of infinate depths drenched by a constant downpour of rain. So dense is the rain, it is only pockets of foam which fall like raindrops, between the solid walls of fluid. The chop, tides and precipitation surge violently enough to crush or drown anyone unprepared for the environment in mere moments. Water elementals include Nymphs(lesser), alarmingly beautiful beings who lure mortals to their deaths through charming them or through confusion. They are alaringly intelligent and fascinated in the philosophical issue of life and death. So much so, they pursu their interest with grim and cold determination. They may take any form. Water elemental, appears as a wave. Its powers may include inundating a region in huge quantities of water, drowning victims, carrying objects such as boats along its surface at great velocities, and dissolving solid objects completely into itself.

ELEMENTAL - FIRE: This plane has no solidity at all. One finds mere conflagration, exploding energies and coallescing fronts of expanding blasts. Without a completely protected environment, any being would be burnt to nothingness instantly. Even protected from the heat, the roar, the light, the smell... Salamander(lesser), not actually a lizard but a formless ball which would elongate into a spiral in the material plane. It empathically nurtures and pursues emotions such as fear and rage, which it brings by setting ablaze all in its path. One may dissuade or parley with a salamander if other emotions get involved. Fire Elemental, a blazing column, may burn its way through anything, destroy magical defenses, and cause generalized havok and widespread destruction through explosions.

ELEMENTAL - EARTH: Solid and endless stone and earth. Only the living things which twist their way through provide any gaps for a visitor to stand in. These living things include mostly plants and worms, neither of which eat animals, but all of which may defend themselves. Precious minerals abound, but tend to have elementals nearby. Dryads(lesser), a tree being, deeply rooted into the ground, but capable of sliding along. It may produce earthquakes, rifts, and many other Earth magical effects (See stone and scrap magic). Basically not self interested creatures, their concern extends toward their surrounding and a common good of all living, natural beings. Earth Elemental, a boulder which flows into new shapes. It may perform feats of great strength, manipulate stone or metal into new shapes, devastate or crush others in physical combat or command their physical forms into immobility, or transmute objects into stone.

Only the most powerful elementals will have all the powers listed. Use these guidelines for creating each one individually. This will greatly increase the risk perceived by those who use elementals, for they will never know exactly what they will have to deal with.

© Erik Guttman, 1996