Darkness Magic - The magic of pure destruction.

Abilities of a darkness mage:

Level Ability vs. Natural Ability
1 See in normal and lesser magical darkness -1 to -3 magical abilities in light (bright firelight to full sunlight)
3 +1 magical abilities in darkness per 5 levels
5 +1 per 3 levels vs. death spells, disintegration and disruption
7 Discern weakness: If there is a particular element that will cause an entity or object greater damage than others, sense this 60% +3%/lev over, out to 120' + 10'/lev over.
9 Discern latent spiritual force (were-transformation, hidden undead forces, demonic or psychic possession, etc.) 70% +3% per level, within 60' + 10'/level over. Glean d50% about the force after 3d6 minutes.
Implicitly all spells cost the same in mana as the spell level. "Per level" means per level of caster, "per level over" implies per level over THAT NEEDED TO CAST THE SPELL. A mage can cast spells of half their level plus one, rounding down, thus 1st and 2nd level mages can cast first level spells, 3rd and 4th level mages can cast up to second level spells. A 4th level mage would be "3 levels over" the level needed to cast a first level spell.

Level One:

A line is drawn by the caster's fingertip in space. It tears physical objects, doing physical damage. It can tear tapestries, ropes, scrolls, etc. out to a range of 45', up to d3 damage per level (precisely placed however). At level three teh caster can break locks and cables or chains of lesser metals (up to and including steel.) At level five, can create fissures in stone up to 1 cubic foot per level. At level seven it will destroy armor, greater metals and minorly enchanted locks, cables, etc. At level nine the spell will destroy even enchanted objects and armor. Finally, at thirteenth level, this spell will tear multiplanar objects and portals (possibly disrupting or destroying lesser gates and fissures between dimensions.)
2. Blackbeam:
Unlight causes festering wounds (boils, pustules, emaciation) to living AND unliving beings. Heals at half rate. 80' + 5'/level over, d8 damage per level. The light travels in a strobed beam, so it must be aimed as a missile weapon.
3. Darkness:
As per general magic.
4. Deathlust: Range: 60'.
This enchantment creates a berserker 'rage' but without the loss of considered methods. The passion to kill consumes completely: +4 attack, -2 defense, +5 vs. charm, psychic attack, fear, reason, subdual and so forth. It lasts d3 mt + 1 per level, save to no effect. The effected entity will attack whatever or whoever lives, the nearest one first. The initial casting can attempt to instill an OBJECT of the lust (ie. someone in particular) but it backfires 13% -1% per 2 levels over and the caster becomes the object.
5. Unleashing: Range: 90'. Duration: 10 mins + 1 min per level.
Releases a dual personality, suppressed desire, latent were-creature transformation and so forth. This is mostly a role playing thing. The latent persona takes over with 75% control + 2% per level over. Any given psychic, magic, demonic or suppressed destiny will manifest itself. Note that if this has been cloaked or barred magically, the chance of dispelling the bar is 50% + 5% per level over the magical impediment to unleashing, -10% per level under the bar.
6. Sense Death: Range: 120' + 10'/level over.
Works 80% +2% per level over. The caster senses 1-100% (+3% on roll per level over) of how the death occured, where, when. The information is very specific. Senses the moment of death, or the presense of it (up to 1 hour after death, per level).
7. Disrupt Bonds: Range: 50' + 10'/level by 9' + 1'/level radius cone, or a single object within 120' per level.
Breaks chains, locks, buckles, seals, knots, etc. See Darkwrack for how successful it is agains magical or special materials. Used specifically for breaking things that are "SHUT".
8. Diffuse: Range: 90' +10'/level, 10'radius effect.
Webs, mists, poisonous vapours, smoke disperse into nothing. At level five the caster may disperse fixed radius duration effects. At level nine he or she may disperse walls. Note that magical forces with a duration can only be dispersed 60% of the time + or - 7% per level difference (above or below) between the darkness mage and the caster of the magical effect.

Level Two:

1. Burrowing:
The mage's body can force its way through solid objects, mutilating them. The effect does d12 damage per 3 levels of caster, no save, as the damage is physical impact. The mage's body is also mutilated, but not DAMAGED. The crushed pulp of the mages flesh and bones pull themselves back together in d6 seconds. The caster can press through 6" of stone or equivalent, +1" per level over.
2. Deathspark: Range: 100'.
Cast on a being that will die within the duration, it causes this recipient to emit a wave of life disruption upon death. This effect has a 30' radius, +5'/level over. All undead suffer d6 disruption per caster level. Similarly, if cast on all but lesser undead (ie. it cannot be used on skeletons, etc. of antilife force from -1 to -3), the destruction of the undead will cause distruption to all living beings. The mage him or herself is immune to the effect.
3. Nor Fan: Range: 1'/level, up to the mage's height. Duration: 9 mt + 1mt per level.
An arc of darkness of between 15 degrees and 90 degrees (variable according to the caster's will) extends from one of the caster's limbs. Used as a weapon it does d10 per 2 levels of disruption (save to half), and d8 cutting damage. Used as a shield, it absorbs nonmagic missiles and shunts off hand to hand weapons at 35% + 3% per level over + 1% per agility. With full concentration, this effectiveness is doubled. Note: it can only shield the caster in one 60 degree arc of line of sight (or facing in a melee.)
4. Aweful Case: Range: 60'. Duration d6mt +1 per 2 levels.
Save to -1 (per 2 levels of caster) from the nasty effect described. As a level four spell, the caster can choose the effect, or to make the effect a radius one (all within save, radius is 1' per level.) As a level six spell, choose the effect and it has a radius effect. As a level eight spell, the chosen effect becomes permanent. A level ten spell allows the permanent effect to be used as a radius effect. Roll random result from below:
Random Magic Disease Table
1. Blindness 11. Distracted (-50% perception rolls)
2. Deafness 12. Choking (1/4 stamina, cannot speak)
3. Weakness (1/2 strength) 13. Writhe/Contort (20-DEX/2 or drop items 20-AGL/2 or fall, roll each d3 mt.)
4. Disorientation (1/2 AGL) 14. Infection, (+d20% damage to each wound, spread damage effect across duration)
5. Body Tremors (1/2 DEX) 15. Delusion * (20-int/3 or lose lucidity, roll each d3 mt.)
6. Nausea * (roll 20 - CON/3) or retch, roll/d3 mt) 16. Terrible body odor (flatulence, halitosis causes others to NAUSEA in 10' r.)
7. Itching * (roll vs. EGO as above) 17. Absentmindedness (forget last d20 mins)
8. Rigidity (move 1/2 speed) 18. Sinus eruption (only minuses, save to no effect)
9. Pain (-1/lev of caster physical and mental) 19. Acute Insomnia, immediate effect is PLUSES to skills and concentration
10. Detached (-5% skills/lev. of caster.) 20. Seizure * (CON x 2 as % or become if dying, fall immediately, save no effect.)

* indicates that if the effect incapacitates the victim for the rest of the duration once he, she or it has succumbed to the affliction.

5. Deadly Fixation: Range: 100' + 5' per level over. Duration: 2d6 mt + 1 per level over.
The victim will move slowly (1/10'th speed) toward an indicated lethal phenomenon, willingly and using all abilities to meet that end (if the victim fails a save). The vitim has only one more chance to break free from the spell: at the moment of 'suicide,' there is a 1% chance per (anti)life force + [ (EGO/6) times the 'level' of the victim. ]
6. Detect Life, Detect Undead -
as priestly spells.
7. Disrupt Triggers: Range: 90'. Duration: 1 min per level.
Deactivate mechanical and magical triggers (for magical traps, for instance), as well as "passive" magic detects, delays or fuse spells, for the duration. Works 65% -5% per level under the level of an enchantment, +7% per level over.
8. Morbid Stillness: Range: 30', 10' radius. Duration: 1 min + mt/level over.
Natural forces in the region suspend. Nonmagic weapons lose all force there, weather and normal flames lose all temperature or physical effect. Claws and 'attached' weapons do fucntion, though hand held weapons have only half effect. No sound escapes the region, nor normal traces are left (such as tracks on the ground or fingerprints), machines and technology fail 90% + 1% per level.

Level Three:

1. Terrible Spot: Range: 90', Duration: until dispelled.
A black blot appears on the victim. This taints the victim spiritually: He or she appears evil to detection, will no longer pass spiritually as pure, innocent, etc. The blot bleeds as an open wound (d4 damage) that will not heal. Further, it seeps through all but magical containment so that the darkness mage can smell it (up to 1 mile per level.) Save to no effect.
2. Kulkogth's Kiss of Oblivion: Range: 75', 15' radius, must be placed. Duration: d6 mt per level.
All within become psychicly confronted with nothingness, save or become inert, and until the duration ends, INSANE if removed from the radius of effect. This insanity is random, up to twice the caster's level in effect, with a max effect level of 12.) Save to -4 confusion while in the radius. The region swirls absurdly with dark patches, audially, visually and spatially.
3. Null Scission: Range: 60' + 5'/level.
Must be placed. 1" radius ball of erratic darkness that does d6 per level of disintigration, if it comes in contact with an (un)living being.
4. Minor Death: Range: 75' + 5' per 2 levels. Duration: d8 mt +1/2 levels over.
Requires the victim's name to be pronounced, or a death sigil to be touched by the victim, or physical contact with the victim. The victim's life force is temporarily reduced to zero. The victim is, for the duration, truly dead. Any damage suffered during that time will cancel the spell, but if the damage kills the victim, this will of course not help him or her. A level six version of the spell has a radius effect: 15' +3'/level over. A level nine spell has a duration of hours not minutes.
5. Ball of Disintegration: Range: 60' + 5' per level, 15' radius.
Random objects or only (un)living beings suffer d6 disintigration per level of caster, save to half. Must be placed.
6. Feebleness, Feeblemind, Awkwardness, Uncaringness: Range: 100' + 10'/level.
Single target, save allowed to -d4 in category. The attribute in question (STR, INT, AGL, WILL) is halved for one minute per level of caster. Immediate effect requires roll of attribute of less or be incapacitated for d6 mt.
7. Shatter: Range: 90' + 5'/level.
Destroys objects (weapons, structures, machines, etc.) up to 10 cubic feet +1/level, divided by the metal strength number, squared. For complex shapes, requires a 10 minute ritual, otherwise just pick the center of the effect. d10 shrapnel in a 5' radius. It leaves only dust!
8. Darkflood: Range: 60' long, 10' wide. Length extends 10'/level.
Darkness gushes out, roll AGL as % or be knocked over and back d10'. Save vs. complete sensory loss for d3mt. The flood continues to flow for 1 minute.
9. Murderous Stillness: Range: 30'. Duration: Instant.
Damage of d10 per 2 levels. Tissue becomes inert, as if dead. The silence is so disorienting, roll WILL x 5% or swoon for d8 mt. The damage heals at one per minute, unless it kills the victim, in which case it does not regenerate. Effects living and dead tissue. Save to half damage. Only immunity to death magic helps, though angels and demons are immune.
10. Disrupt Fields: Range: 60'. 3 mt casting time.
This spell disrupts effects with duration, 60% +/-4% per level difference between the caster of the effect and the darkness mage. Also, 'powers down' all technology in range, as well as scanners, technological fields, generators, etc.
11. Disrupt Natural Force: Range: 30', 10' radius. Duration: 1 mt/level.
Must be placed. Wind becomes a weird storm, water froths, ground heaves boulders, fires spit gouts of flame. Damage in the region is d8 per 2 levels (divided among the elements present.) Movement is at 1/20th normal speed, no visibility. The natural forces in the region will not obey/work for normal purposes (as wind in sails, as a ledge on a mountain, to ignite something, etc.)

Level Four:

1. Fragile Vessel: Range: 120'.
The victim dies if % (current) injuries are rolled. If CON is rolled on d20, however, the victim will recover in 2d10 minutes. Works on undead as well.
2. The Breaking Point: Range: 10', 10 minute ritual to cast.
The victim saves vs. psychic attack with bonus of 2 points of (WILL + (anti)lifeforce)/2 over 13. Victim taken to the last point of physical, psychic and spiritual resistance, as from torture. Will capitulate, confess, provide any information. The mage knows if the spell fails, unless 1/4 the roll required for a save achieved by the victim.
3. Shattered Space: Range: 60', 5' radius +1'/lev. Duration: 1 mt/2 levels.
Must be placed. A black clot in a three dimensional shattered "window" forms. All within are stuck and temporarily NOT.
4. Lesser Desecration: As per level three priestly spell.
5. Charnal Rapture: Range: 60' + 10'/level, 15' radius +5'/level, Duration: 1 min per level + 3mt/killed in region.
Causes addictive joy in killing and surge in power (+2 STR, DEX, AGL, +10% SPEED) as long as one partakes. For mystics, recoup d10% mana for each killed in the region. All within must roll 3xWILL as a %, -3% per killed, to stop killing, even if all enemies in the region are dead!
6. Blacklight: Range: 45' by 20' cone.
Living matter within ruptures, undead, disrupts d8 per 2 levels to all within cone (this damage is not divided as most regional attack forms are.) Appropriate immunity to this effect is protection from Disintigration.
7. Disrupt Walls, Illusions, Shadowmatter: Range: 60' radius +5'/level.
Requires 1 minute ritual, unless a 5' radius is targeted within range. Normally, all temporarily created magical matter will be destroyed within the range. In the quickly cast combat mode, only the matter within the 5' radius is disrupted. This spell has the same chance of success as level 3 spell "disrupt fields," but works with different principles, so it can succeed where the other fails, and visa versa.
8. Disrupt Healing and Regeneration: Range: 90', Duration: 1 day per level.
The victim must save or be unable to regenerate or heal. The effect can be dispelled by a priest or mystic. Religious healing works, but it must overcome the effect each time (roll 50% chance, +/-5% per level difference between the priest and the darkness mage.)
9. Ebon Encasement: Range: 60', Duration: d10 mt/level.
The victim is encased in a 1' shell of darkness. If he, she or it remains immobile, the encasement slowly corrodes! Roll d3 disintegration damage, save to d3 per minute. Any dispel magic disrupts it, as the effect is very unstable. Pressing against the encasement at all causes an immediate d6 damage. If the victim attemts to break out anyway, he, she or it suffers d10 per 4 levels of caster and requires a roll of STR x 3%.
10. Nangontveh's Placelock: Range: 90', 5' radius +1'/level, effect must be placed. Duration: d10 mt per level.
Movement in the region is impossible. Effects only one plane, and that plane can be selected from those planes that the mage knows about (and has studied in relation to this spell.)

Level Five:

1. Death of the Body: Range: 60'.
The victim must save or die. Any healing or regeneration within 15 minutes restores the victim to life. After that, death is as if by any other cause.
2. Apocalyptic Springtime: Range: 90', 30' radius effect. Duration: 1 min + 1mt/level.
Terrible blooms and unlife (neither alive nor undead) spring from corpses of the living or unliving. Each corpse gives issue to 6 HD (hit dice) of horror (+1 HD per 3 levels over.) Create a catalog of horrors: Alchemical secretions, slime wads, acid/base that polymorphs the victim, disease, planar rift mouths, seed parasites, sentient hunter killer spores, explosive elemental attack forms that leave everything toxic... Leave this to the discretion of the game master. These can move only within the radius, but the radius grows with each death in the region (by d10', and lasts +d10 mt.) Additional corpses must save or blossom themselves! The destruction is indescriminate!
3. Wall of Darkness: Range: 120', 10' by 10' pane per level. Duration: 3 minutes per level.
Save or "die" on crossing the wall (see level three "Minor Death.") After this effect, or if the save is made, suffer enfeeblement and awkwardness (-4 STR and DEX) for the duration. All magic deactivates upon crossing (items save, spells and effects crossing are dispelled: roll 50% chance +5% per level of darkness mage over the crossing magic, -7% per level under.) Items that are deactivated can be used again in d10 mt.
4. Wrongth: Range: 45'. Duration: 1 minute.
The target must save if the target has (anti)lifeforce or is an enchanted item. During the duration the physical form of the target will fundamentally fail, exactly to the contrary of its 'natural' quality. Arrows turn on their firers, swords snake back, bodies twist so as to damage themselves and impede any useful activity.
5. The Hungry Dark: Range: 90', 10' radius + 3' per level.
Inside the region (which must be placed) all must save vs. fear or be paralyzed. Drains one LIFEFORCE per mt, save to 3mt. Even without fear, it clutches. Move at 1/10th speed, roll AGL x 5% or stumble (no movement) each mt. Flight within is impossible. Roll DEX x 5% in order to do anything with ones' hands.
6. Unleashing Absolute: Range: 75', Duration: d10 minutes per level.
The single target must save at -5 or immediately all latent possesion, magical, psychic, alchemical, disease, necromantic, etc. transformations come to full fruition. This can be dispelled as a normal enchantment and the victim will revert to the normal course of their latent condition after the duration.
7. Darkforce: Range: Bolt 60' long +10'/level, 1' wide.
This congealed entropy extrusion negates force up to 2 dice per level of caster. It negates enchantment (objects, edifices, traps, etc.) It disanimates animated objects handily (roll 75% +5% per level over, -7% per level under animator.) It effluviates living and unliving tissue (d6 per level, immunity vs. disintigration provides protection.)
8. Disrupt Device Magic: Range: 120', 30' radius (placed.)
All devices in this region must save or fail to function for 1 min per level. If a one save is rolled, the item is negated permanently. Save is at -3 for normal magic items, +2 for items of a more priestly orientation.
9. Darkrack: Range: 30' + 5'/level over. Duration: 1 mt/4 levels.
A writhing flange of darkness extends from the caster's forehead. It can be directed to within 1' but moves so violently that there is a 30% chance it will strike intervening objects or beings within 5' of the line of sight, and there is always a 10% chance of missing the target. Once a target is struck, the 'rack will fixate for a full mt. Only then can the mage refocus it. Mote the mage can do other things while the 'rack is focussed. Effects: the object fixed by the 'rack is gripped in 'transexistence' (totally paralyzed and psychicly null) unless a save is made. The object disintegrates and rends (damage is half and half, save vs. both) d10/4 levels of caster. Further, all magic effects are disrupted, as if dispelled by a mage of two levels less than the caster. The disruption lasts d10 mt +1mt/lev. If half the necessary roll to disrupt is made, the effect is permanently canceled, magic items must save at -3.

Level Six:

1. Netherwound: Range: 30', 1' long/level of caster. Duration: Until used up or dispelled.
Effect occurs in a cone of 5' by 2' per level. This is a short term gap in normal reality. Sight cannot pass through, as space and time are disrupted in its midst. Magic passing through fails 50% - 2% per level of caster trying to penetrate (except darkness magic.) All beings coming into contact with it are 'scattered', d6 per level of damage divided between physical rending and teleportation gone wrong (requires immunity to spatial magic.) Those caught in the cone itself suffer d10 per 3 levels per mt of this damage and must save or be in a time loop (unable to act.) Every time one of the powers of the spell is used, there is a 5% chance that it will close.
2. Darkself: Range: Self, Duration: 1 min/level.
Become as dead, for duration. An aura of utmost dread stillness surrounds the caster, who becomes immune to undead attacks (drain, disruption, blast, paralysis, etc.), biological effects (disease, rot, poison, polymorph, slime transformation, etc.), nonmagic injuries do only 1/3 damage, as physical integrity is maintained by the stillness. The danger is that if dispelled the caster becomes truly dead. Light magic of over 10% damage to the caster will disrupt the effect. The caster is immune to detection. Contact causes a living or undead being psychic shock for d6 mt (swoon, save to -4 attack and defense.)
3. Permanent Injury: Range: 90', to a single target. Duration: Until dispelled.
An injury that occured within 1mt/level is enchanted so as not to heal or regenerate. The victim gets a save, of course.
4. Contaminate: Range: 500', 50'/2 levels radius, Duration: 1 hour/level.
All consumable water, food, air, feul in the region becomes toxic (d6/3 levels), upon drinking, eating, breathing/contact, as radiation/toxic gas, respectively. Nothing will grow in this region, all injuries decay rather than heal or regenerate, at 1/min. Items that leave the region remain toxic for the duration.
5. Morbific Demesne:
As level five death of the body, but with a 5' radius +1' per level over, in effect.
6. Finger of Death:
As level five Death of the Body, except there is no chance of healing.
7. Disintegration:
As per magic effect, except the damage upon a save is rolled in d8 per level.
8. Disrupt Antilife:
Range: 5' per level. Duration: Instant. Undead must save or have their unnatural existence ended. Save is to d10/3 levels in disruption.
9. Disrupt Lifeforce: Range: 5' per level.
The targeted victim must save or lose one LIFE FORCE per level of caster, regained at 1/min. This might cause temporary death, but while the individual recovers, he, she or it will suffer the effects for the duration (aging 25% of their life span, for starters!) Save will merely drain d4 levels, temporarily.
10. Wall of Vaccuum: As Wall of Darkness for range, etc.
Contact causes one to be taken inside, and one must save to leave. It is so silent within, that both living and undead bodies decay d10/5 levels of caster per mt, it also drives one mad (save vs. insanity at +2, -1/mt within. Note that the save (unless a 20) will eventually not be enough over time!) It is the insanity of autism and 100% disconnection with the world for d10 hours/3 levels of caster. A save here still still shocks the victim for d3 mt after leaving. All within 1' per level of the wall must roll AGLx5% or be dragged within, each mt.
11. Rantacter's Rift Spell: Range: 100', 5' diameter, must be placed, Duration: 1 minute.
The spell must be placed. The Rift causes cold and excision from time and space. If the victim falls inside, flies inside, enters it physically, the effect takes ahold (no save.) The victim is outside of time and space, and suffers a total of d8/2 levels of caster of "cold" damage, though the immunity is vs. time or space magic. Note that only angels and demons can think or act in this disk.

Level Seven:

1. Deathcry: Range: 120', targetted. Does d8 per 3 levels of disintigration and radiation, half and half.
If this effect kill the vitim, or death occurs within 1 mt/4 levels of caster, the victim must save or release an explosion. The effect occurs within a 10 + d20' radius, doing d6/3 levels of caster of above damage, divided among all in the region. Finally, the body of the corpse is replaced by a Rend in space in time, with the effects of a Wall of Vaccuum, described above.
2. Death of the Heart: Range: 60', Duration: Permanent.
The victim must save or permanently lose all emotions, passions, sympathy and morality. A save will remove these things for 1mt/level of caster. Unintelligent beings die of apathy in d12 days. Intelligent beings frequently do the same. This effect cannot be healed or cured. Only a very high level religious restoration will restore the victim.
3. The Pursuing Dark:
As per the fifth level pursuing dark spell, except that it pursues a given target at 60' per turn + 10' per level. Lasts 5mt per level. Level nine version of this spell creates a permanent pursuer (only disperses when the victim dies or when dispelled.)
4. Disharmonium: Range: 120', 10'radius + 3' per level over. Duration: 1mt/level.
Antimagic and antinatural field. Negates all force originating in the region and all but darkness that passes through (80% +/-5% per level difference between caster and originator of the effect. Inside, even the caster would be inert. It cannot be teleported through, and when outside of time, it is a complete stasis field.
5. Desecration:
As per priestly spell, but leaves twisted ruins, not a twisted religious zone (ie. a zone of level 2 divinity, not level 0. See notes on undead and necromancy for clarification.)
6. Dread Silence: Range: 60', 5'+1'/level, Duration: 1mt/level.
A silence so aweful that it causes immediate and permanent insanity (100% withdrawal from reality.) Save indicates stun for an additional d10 mt, unless immune to psychic attack, in which case save is to no effect. Automata become permanently quiescent. Immunity to psychic attack means a duration of 10 minutes per level, if save is not made. Immunity to darkness magic protects against the effect completely.
7. Disrupt Spatial Law:
As for other walls for duration, range, etc. This two dimensional wall eliminates spatial distances, each 10' square pane opens onto a different space, up to 100' per level squared distant from the caster. Normally these must be contemplated beforehand and 'drafted out', requiring an hour of work, or 10 minutes if the target position has been visited. At a moment's notice, only very simple geometries can be undertaken.
8. Mass Death Crater: Range: 90', 5' radius + 1'/level over.
All within must save or die, their bodies torn and irradiated out from the center of the effect (save to 2d10 damage, half physical, half radiation damage.)
9. Evovak's Radiation Spray: Range: 60', 10' terminating radius.
All within the cone suffer d6 per level of radiation damage, divided among all within. Note that radiation damage does not heal except through spiritual assistance, and only regenerates at 1/10th speed.

Level Eight:

1. Growing Not: Range: 100', up to 1 square foot per level surface area.
The target or being is % chance a dead/energy drained husk, depending on coverage. It grows by one square foot per minute until dispelled. A humanoid has about 10 square feet (3HD), +5 square feet per HD. Double the surface if the entity has wings. Save only vs. the first effect vs. energy/disruption. Disintegration halves the size of the effect and growth only. A save still yields % damage! Will destroy even major artifacts, religious idols, and has a shot of draining the effect of even gates or permanent magical edifices.
2. Unslakable Maw: Range: 60', 30' radius. Duration: 1mt/level.
One maw per 3 levels fly within the radius at 300' per turn, biting as the mage's level in HD. They do 2d10 damage plus drain d6 (anti)lifeforce. Immune to all save light magic and 1% per point of electricity damage of being disrupted.
3. Unbridled Pathology:
Releases a horrible pestilence, not a lifeforce (bacteria, virus, etc.) nor antilifeforce (mummy dust, desercastion ichor, zombie toxin, etc.) but a DEATH FORCE. Begins by contaminating a particular region: Range: 120', 10' radius, growing by 10' radius per d6 hours to 10' per level. All within (living or undead) are striken (die d10% per hour, cumulative as (un)living matter deteriorates, or if save is made, become a carrier. Lasts a total of one hour per level of caster. Each death extends the local effect by d100 minutes and extends the radius by 10'radius. Healing occurs at double normal rate, though regeneration is halted for the duration of the effect, and will recover the damage done by the spell at only 1/20th speed after the duration ends. Dispel magic will remove the effect at +25% chance, plus 50% of all accrued damage. Carriers infect all they touch, and all within a 10' radius 10% per minute spent with them, cumulative!
4. Regional Disintegration:
As a standard cone or ball. All within save or disintegrate, to d6 damage per level, divided among those within the area as they are swiss cheesed! Only a save at +6 over what was required for disintegration halves this damage.
5. The Womb of Unbeing: Range: 100'/level.
The ritual lasts 7+d8 days, during which time the victim must be within the range at all times. The victim's creation (work of art, magic, a child) is UNDONE. Victim saves at -3, the object/person/etc. if imbued with life force saves at -5. The range of the uncreation is unlimited, and even crosses planes! (The caster must be aware of what is being undone, however.)
6. Life Harrow:
The mage becomes a source of black tendrils and dark beams, and ceases to exist for the 1mt/level duration. The tendrils are 1 "Darkrack" per 5 levels. Beams emit d10 per turn, and 1/3 levels of caster fixates on a meaningful (un)living target per turn. These do d10/3 levels of caster damage: Roll effect: (1) disintigration, (2) disrupt (anti)lifeforce, (3) radiation (4) morbific silence (5) scattering (teleport randomly about) (6) physical shock.
7. Disrupt Temporal Law: Range: 100', 30'radius. Duration: d6mt/3 levels.
Inside: filled with scenes and dark images of events past and of a horribly twisted possible future. All forces therein are real. In the middle of a melee, attacks can repeat, "future" attacks cut through friends, etc. Mages can only cast spells 5% per level within, as the laws are so twisted, 3% per level for time mages. Game master interpretation required.
8. Unstar Summoning: Range: 100' + 10'/level, 3' radius, must be placed.
A dark plasma writhes at the center of this effect, which rushes out to the end of the range at 500' per turn. The speed is such that it can be dodged, but no easily (say it moves at 50 miles an hour.) Looking directly at the unstar rends consciousness: save at -2 vs. insanity or slip into a nonlucid trance for d6mt, save to or followed by (if save is failed) by 2d6 x 10 minutes of confusion (-2 all mental abilities.) A "1" save indicates permanent insanity. Effect: All within 10' of the path of the unstar (save the caster) decay (as per darklight) d12 + d8/3 levels. Whatever is struck is completely consumed (only immunity to disintegration and death spells, or to darkness magic protects from this effect.) Save to "denudement", all items are disintegrated (save at -5) and teletemporally scattered in time and space (normal save for those items that are not disintegrated), to within a d10xd100' radius, d100 seconds into the future. All magical effects effecting the entity are dispelled (as a full strength "disrupt fields" spell.)

Level Nine:

1. Darktide:
As the hungry dark except: consumes technological and magical force (as a half strength disrupt fields spell). All items, magical traps, permanent enchantments, etc. Extends duration d10mt per death within or the destruction of every 3 enchanted objects. Every 3 extensions adds d100% size and every 6 such allows it to extend d4 arms of 100'. It is drawn to life force and all forms of energy. Ends only when there is nothing left to consume!
2. Death of the Mind: Range: 100' + 10' per level of caster.
Save or die only a mental death: persona, will and psyche (imagination). The being becomes an automaton with d100% memories and physical skills (+10% per level over). Permanent and unrecoverable without a major priestly Restoration. The being has virtually no resistance to possession.
3. Mass Death: Range: 300', 10' radius, that grows to 200' radius in one mt.
All within save or die, including undead. All (anti)lifeforce stricken to 0. Save to stun for 1 mt. No material stops the wave of darkness, though many forms of priestly protection and light magic would. Only defense is against death magic or darkness magic.
4. The Neverborn:
Long ritual - a captured being is enchanted (gets a normal save.) If this save fails, over the course of d10 days, a dark simalcra is born out of the victim. The birth is very destructive. The victim will die and so will the simalcra unless the 'parent' is healed and kept alive. The simalcra has a dark and sinister bent on all the parent stood for and has his or her appearance, abilities. In fact the simalcra is the parent, asid from two things: an OPPOSITE PSYCHE, and no soul (no lifeforce). All that the parent built, made, etc. can be destroyed by the simalcra at +10. Duration is permanent unless the parent is truly healed (ie. freed and spiritually cleansed) or allowed to die. The simalcra doesn't know any more than the parent would, gaining sentience immediately after birth, plus that it hates what it was. It is under no obligation to or control of the caster.
5. Disrupt Magical Law: Range: 120', 1' radius per level. Duration: 1 minute per level.
The region disrupts all currently operating magic, prevents more coming into activity and increases fumble chances 30% +5% per level below caster. Note there is always the chance ,if the magic succeeds, that the spell will backfire (1% per level of the operating magic in the region). This ends the disruption and shocks the darkness mage into no magical powers for d12 hours. Note that only the maximum level of magic, operating at the time of the casting, has one chance of causing the backfire.
6. Reality's Seams: Range: 60', up to 1000' of line, 100 square feet of surface or 10 cubic feet.
The effected zone tears at reality in a number of ways. (1) Normal gates within 1' radius are impossible, as are teleports or timeports within 10' radius or +/-10 minutes, likewise for skrying devices. (2) Unstable 'minidimensions' or 'time pockets' fray and are destroyed, as are stasis fields, portable holes, palaces in a box, shadow bivouacs, etc. Save at -10, dispel magic at +50%. (3) Space, time and dimension may be cracked for viewing, travel or tactical purposes. These effects are very hard to control and require much practice beforehand and adjudication in application, on the part of the GM. In general, 100' per level can be spatially folded, 1 minute per level can be temporally braided, and any 'adjacent planes' can be sheared. (4) Undeified zone, (as level six necromantic spell: The zone of null divinity) In addition, a deified being, such as a demigod, martyr or saint, loses their omniscience and atemporal nature, in short they become for the duration of the spell, mortal. (5) Extraplanar travel, as done by angels and demons, is impossible within a field bounded by realities seams, and can only be done when faced by a 'plane' of reality seams 1% per (anti)lifeforce, thus lesser angels or demons have only a 25% chance, while greater ones might have around a 50% chance.

Level Ten:

1. The Final Self:
The soul of the caster is consumed. Lasts a maximum of one year. The caster becomes solid darkness. The fate of the caster becomes set upon the casting of the spell, only a final act remains. During this time only energy can harm the caster, and only if it can counter the energy absorption field (100% -1% per level of caster over 10'th, the energy gets absorbed!) Requires 10 pts of damage per level of caster to negate the effect, and only light does full damage, all other forms of elemental magic do only half damage.
2. Endless Dark: Range: 300', 10'radius + 3'/level maximum.
Region is dead until dispelled. All within remains, though time and space have no meaning. Demons can only dimensionally escape, not act. Magic is in stasis there, too. The duration is permanent until dispelled. If anyone saves and resists, they emerge dreamlike at the perifery of the field in d100 minutes, squared.
3. The Final Blight:
As Darktide but all within save or die, those who don't die, carry the blight within them for up to d10 hours. The darkness will emerge at any time there are others within the range of the spell who are not also carriers, (after a d20 minute delay, so as to catch more within!) The effect will only cease when no one else can carry the effect onward, or the duration ceases. Each darkness can move at 30' per turn and detects (anti)life up to one mile away. Separate parts become independent and mutate, so resistance to one does not entail resistance to the others!
© Erik Guttman, 1996