Sources of Information

I read some of the NYT, BBC, Le Monde, and Spiegel for mainstream news. I really like the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Guardian, but lack time for much news trawling.

For analysis there's Le Monde Diplomatique a monthly I receive in print, Transit - Europäische Revue a biannual I also receive in print and on-line various bits from eurozine, Big Picture, Dave Bowler's Infoscray Blog and occasional progressive sites such as Truthdig and Alternet. I wish I had time for L'Etat du Monde - the on-line site looks terrific. I have read roughly half of the printed annual volumes for the past 20 years.

For regional news, around where I live that is, I scan the Zeigle, subscribe to Meier (in print) and also the Nachrichtenblatt (also in print) for the Brunnenregion.

For poetry, prose and perspective there's Love of Comfort.


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